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  • Hi there, I'm Shannan
  • Hi there, I'm Shannan

    I am a wife, boy mama x 2, and living life with a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of faith. Faithfully Beautiful is a place to inspire community & motivate women to find the beauty in their everyday lives.

Surviving Rainy Days

Surviving Rainy Days

Wondering how to keep the kids entertained on those long days stuck indoors?
Faith + Being A Boy Mom

Faith + Being A Boy Mom

Raising my boys has proven to me that being a mom is a lot like faith.
Wading With Daddy

Wading With Daddy

Ryland has taken on “fishing” full force – check out his time with dad!
Don't Give Up On Your Dream

Don't Give Up On Your Dream

We all had dreams before kids… Don’t give them up!
Home Learning For Toddlers

Home Learning For Toddlers

We are starting “school” in our home with my two year old!
MamaRoo Baby Seat

MamaRoo Baby Seat

I’m introducing you to the mamaRoo Baby Seat – our favorite new piece!
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      Showcasing adorable content featuring her precious mini-me, this mama knows just how to work it for the camera.

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Shannan Panganiban

Here are just a few companies I've worked with:

March 2016


My Mothers Promise to my boys about how I'm staying present in their lives.

September 2016

Little Tikes

Surviving rainy days stuck indoors with little kids & the products we are loving.

July 2016

International Delight

5 Tips to have a great morning, mama & don't forget the coffee!

June 2016


Having One Big Happy Summer is a easy with incredible clothing like these pieces!

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