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2 Babies Later: Our Feeding Story

I have realized after being pregnant, having a baby, breastfeeding, being pregnant again, breastfeeding again… that people are curious. Other moms and soon-to-be moms have a lot of questions & although it has become sort of taboo to talk about how we are choosing to feed our kids, I think it’s so important to keep an open conversation! There is so much shame in moms feeding their babies & I just cannot understand for the life of me why it is this way. Strangers have an opinion, other moms have an opinion, your own FAMILY has an opinion, when at the end of the day, it is YOUR baby and you should feel amazing about whatever choice – or life circumstance – has you feeding them the way you do.

As a new expecting mama, I literally had no idea about how I would feed. I decided that I would try to breastfeed but before I had my baby, I didn’t have any mom guilt. I always said, “if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out…!” That’s a great mentality to have, but I quickly realized that the MOM GUILT comes on STRONG once baby is here. Immediately there is the pressure to be feeding baby perfectly & to know his every need. I was successfully breastfeeding, which felt great, but it was hard!!

I breastfed for 10 months exclusively with Ryland, but there came a time where I couldn’t keep up anymore & I knew that we needed to switch to formula. This was a challenge for me because what do I choose?? There are so many options, but I still had the voice in my head telling me that breastmilk was the ultimate and that formula was secondary. I felt shame for switching him & I almost didn’t want people to see me mixing his bottles. I felt like I had failed him in those last few months of his exclusive milk life.

The time between having Ryland and Landon, I really became involved in the blogging community and made so many more mom friends in real life as well. We talked about the REAL stuff… the HARD stuff. I never knew how much guilt I was carrying about the situation until I started to express it to others. After really learning and chatting with other mamas I realized that many of us feel the same way & this is why when Landon came around a year and a half later, I was confident in our feeding routine, no matter what it would end up looking like.

Landon was a breed of his own. He was particular from the start and a total mamas boy so breastfeeding came easy and was the only thing he really cared for. I was good with that, but at about 6 months old with two babies to look after, I simply didn’t have time to pump, so Landon started taking formula from people that watched him. I was excited that I felt freedom & that I could feed him a mixed bottle without the guilt I had felt with Ryland.

Open conversation is so important. This is why I have told all my friends having babies to at least have a container of formula at home *just in case* & I tell them my story. Using and mixing a bottle of formula isn’t giving up. In fact, its the opposite. It is doing whatever it takes to make sure that your baby is happy & healthy and as a mom that is our #1 job! I always recommend the Happy Baby® Organic Infant Formula. We used the stage 2 because that was how old Landon was at that time, but they have everything from birth-toddlers! They are such a trusted brand & they helped me ease my decision to use formula. The company also has an amazing resource, the Happy Family’s Infant Feeding Resource Center which offers new parents direct – and free – access to Cornell-Certified nutritionists and lactation consultants, the Happy Mama Milk Mentors, as well as educational materials on a variety of feeding topics.

Happy Baby® Stage 2 Organic Infant Formula is modeled after breastmilk and has amazing properties and benefits so that you can feel 100% sure that you are giving your little love the absolute greatest you can.

Did you experience any feeding guilt in your motherhood journey?

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