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7 Things I Was Never Told About Motherhood

So, you’re pregnant!? Congrats! This is probably one of the most exciting and scary times of your life. I remember being pregnant with Ryland and feeling over-the-moon but at the same time being scared to death that I was going to enter into a new world of being a mama. I had no idea what to do, what to think, how to feel. Would my baby even like me? (Yes, I had that thought!) How hard would newborn life be? Are we ready? Can you believe it!? Literally all the thoughts are running through your head. Everyone you know congratulates you on the “best blessing of your life” and you cannot wait to hold that baby – but what happens next? So many things I had NO idea about beforehand.

Of course – the good FAR outweighs the bad, or the hard, or the gross… but that doesn’t take away from the fact that those struggles are there. They are there in full force and in ways you never expected. Why don’t people share this stuff? Why did no one tell me?

I have some very REAL people in my life. I feel like I was prepared with all the nitty gritty details, but honestly, I wasn’t. I was still in shock at some of the ways I felt, the way baby acted, and what we had to learn and grow through. It’s easy to look back on & laugh at now – and that’s what I’m doing + sharing with you!

Let’s take a look at 7 things I was never told about motherhood:

1. You thought you were tired before having kids? NO. There is a new level of tired that will overtake you & you won’t know how you are still surviving, but those sweet baby snuggles in the morning seem to do the trick.

2. Things that would have repulsed you before? You’ve got it handled. Think, throw up, poop, spit up… it’s all pretty normal in your daily life now.

3. The never ending questioning. You will second guess just about every single thing that you do. You will feel guilty for things that others will find meaningless. It’s bizarre, but we all feel it in one way or another.

4. The amount of laundry that you will need to do. They are tiny creatures but somehow can fill up an entire washing machine by day 3?

5. Your time will be sucked from you. I mean, where does it all go? You wake up and suddenly it’s time for bed again, but what got done and what did you even do all day? The mystery is still strong.

6. How much love you have for this sweet little soul. It’s heart wrenching, really.

7. Nothing will go according to plan. If you had a vision about how your new life with a baby was going to be… scrap it! Babies are their own people with their own likes, dislikes, and feelings. It’s amazing to learn them & see their personalities!

Speaking of things not going according to plan – when I was pregnant I was so sure that I would breastfeed for one full year. But you know what? My son had other plans. He did nurse until he was 10 months, but after that he wanted nothing to do with it. He was on the move and wanted a bottle and I needed to start supplementing. Some babies decide this much earlier on & some moms realize that the need for formula is a necessity. This isn’t something to feel bad about – it’s life! Your job is to feed, take care of, and love that baby – and you’re gonna do a great job at that.

I always encourage moms-to-be to make sure that they have some formula on hand once baby is born because you never know when you will need to try it. When I was pregnant, I signed up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings® Program for New and Expectant Mothers and it sent an awesome welcome kit, like the one I’m featuring! It was so much fun to open up some baby products & to know that I had the Enfamil in house. Every motherhood journey is different, so you may get something different. There are 4 different sample configurations of the kit. Benefits may vary by person.

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What did you learn about motherhood after the fact?

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