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Animal Kingdom For Babies & Toddlers

Deciding when to bring your kids to Disney World & figure out just which park will be a good fit for their age group can be a tricky task. It’s absolutely no surprise that we love Disney around here and that we have no fear when it comes to bringing our little people along with us. If you are new to my blog, you will have to take me at my word, but if you know us. Well, then you know. The obsession is real. We had a blast spending the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this February and I wanted to share it with you as well as some tips to doing the park with littles and the best rides and attractions to take them on!


The first hit was the train ride! Ryland and Landon loved being able to sit and ride while the conductor narrated the scenery. The best part is where we were headed! Rafiki’s Affection Section is a great place for kiddos because there is a immersive petting zoo! Ryland honestly could not get enough & was fascinated with the fact that he could chase the goats all around and brush them. Yes, I said brush them with their own brushes! It’s too good. This is a great place for kids of all ages! Also, there is an inside section with lots of cool stations to learn more about animals and SURPRISE, Doc McStuffins was there to greet the kids.


You are definitely going to want to head to Dino Land USA. The thrill over here was the Dino Ride called Triceratops Spin, which is just like the classic Dumbo ride at Magic Kingdom. Ryland had a blast riding this with his daddy and Landon even got the hang of pulling the trigger, which moves the unit up and down! There is also a whole climbing jungle gym section in Dino Land that can keep kids entertained for hours with it’s rope climbs and slides (even some water play areas for when it’s hot)!


Of course, the Safari is A MUST. We make a fast pass for this one every single time because without it you can be looking at an hour or more just to ride it, but if you can get on, it’s the absolute best! The ride is about 20 mins long, so be prepared for a decent time on the Jeep. I always bring a small snack in my pocket for the guys to enjoy while we are riding. The animals though are SO up close and personal that your kids will be captivated the entire time. It’s one of the best animal attractions that you are going to find anywhere.


The shows at Animal Kingdom are honestly amazing, too! We have watched the Lion King & the Finding Nemo shows, which keep us out of the sun for a bit & did a great job at entertaining the kids.


Check out our video of our day!


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