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Car Seat Confidence

With how much time we spend in the car, I love knowing that we have incredibly made car seats to keep my most prized possessions as safe as possible. For any mama though, the search for a car seat that you can feel confident driving your baby in can be a tough search. How do you know what to choose? What are the most important features? There are so many questions & quite frankly so many options on the market. How did I find the ones we love? Simple. I went with the brand that has proven time and time again to me (and all mothers) to be reliable, safe, and high quality!

2 Babies Later: Our Feeding Story

I have realized after being pregnant, having a baby, breastfeeding, being pregnant again, breastfeeding again… that people are curious. Other moms and soon-to-be moms have a lot of questions & although it has become sort of taboo to talk about how we are choosing to feed our kids, I think it’s so important to keep an open conversation! There is so much shame in moms feeding their babies & I just cannot understand for the life of me why it is this way. Strangers have an opinion, other moms have an opinion, your own FAMILY has an opinion, when at the end of the day, it is YOUR baby and you should feel amazing about whatever choice – or life circumstance – has you feeding them the way you do.

No Need to Water Juice Down When You Can Water it Up

I’m sure every mom can feel me on this one. Kids want JUICE & they usually want a lot of it. It’s important to me that throughout their super picky phases and their love of all things sugary that they still get the good stuff that they need. Sometimes that involves trickery, but sometimes a new product comes to the market that solves one of our problems perfectly. This past week we tried Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water and I’m so happy about this discovery. Not only do I not feel the need to water the juice down, but it actually is made with coconut water (which is awesome itself) and has naturally 30% less sugar.

Updating My Cozy Winter Wardrobe

There is simply nothing better in the world to me than being cuddled up, cozy and warm, during the winter season. I am a total fan of the fall + winter times and overall the coziness that they bring. Every year, I pull out my same old sweatpants and jackets that I’ve been wearing year after year, because my excuse is, “I’m only wearing them at home, who cares?” But this year, I decided to update my winter warddrobe and bring in pieces that make me feel great about myself, that are amazing and lasting quality, and that I am not confimed to only wearing inside my home.

What I’m Wearing: Fall Inspired Colors

It’s officially autumn and I am so excited! I absolutely love this time of year, but one of my favorite parts about it is the fact that I feel like my wardrobe has the chance to expand and get a little more festive! Not only does the cool weather mean I can rock my skinny jeans a little more comfortably, but it also inspires me to wear the colors of the season. Reds, oranges, browns, and neutrals are some of my favorites to wear, but fall is when they shine! There is nothing like finding some pieces that you love & that’s what happened for me recently so I’m ready to share them with you!

Fall & Winter Baby Essentials

Give me allllll the baby things! There is just something about baby products, clothes, and accessories that make moms swoon. I swear, once we are expecting, it seems to be the only thing we care about shopping for anymore! I had 2 babies under 2 and even though they are grown up & full blown toddlers now, I still love sharing tips with expecting ladies about the best products to get you ready for this new bundle! If you have (or will have) a babe at home this fall + winter, then you should definitely take a look at these baby basics and essentials!

Activities To Prepare Your Toddler For School

It’s back to school time! Many of us mamas are sending our child for the first time to their Pre-K class while some are releasing their child for the fifth time. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in at the moment, we all know the feelings that accompany a new school year. There are some of us, however, that have not yet sent our kids off to class, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not just as diligent about our morning routine. Getting my kids ready for the years ahead is important to me, so we have activities that we will be implementing this school year that are perfect for educating toddlers.

Time For Some Imaginative Play!

One of my all time favorite quotes is “Play Is The Work of the Child” because it could not be more full of truth. Watching my sons play and expand their imagination is simply beautiful and watching them learn and discover all through getting the uninhibited chance to play is something that I highly encourage in our home. Kids have an incredible way of figuring things out on their own and growing their little minds daily. Toys are a great way to facilitate that learning and fun, but not all toys are created equal when it comes to this.