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The Best of SeaWorld for Toddlers

Our family absolutely loves theme parks! As we travel, making our way to new parks is always at the top of our list. I grew up coming to SeaWorld, but we have not yet had the chance to bring our boys to the park! This winter was the perfect time to go and experience everything that the theme park had to offer! With short lines and beautiful cool weather, we totally enjoyed our day to the fullest! If you have been wondering what SeaWorld has for you and your toddlers or small children, then stay tuned! I gathered up our 4 favorite attractions that were age appropriate and incredibly entertaining!

Thanks so much to SeaWorld for allowing us to come in for the day!

With so much to do at SeaWorld for both young and old – we have narrowed down our favorites for the littles (but you will enjoy them just as much!!)

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

We rode this one a few times because Ryland was totally in love with it! The best part is that you can choose the intensity of the ride, meaning that with kids, you ride mild but if you have all adults you can choose the crazier option! It’s an adorable ride with beautiful scenery that dumps you right into the heart of the penguin exhibit. It’s chilly and can be loud at a few parts – but overall the boys still loved this one!

Closeup Animal Exhibits

Everywhere around the park there are closeup animal exhibits where you can either see the underwater creatures through the crystal clear glass or from atop of their open air exhibits. If your kids are brave, they can even touch the stingrays! I have one boy who was loving it and one who wouldn’t dare try to stick his hand in – loL! It’s amazing to see all the beautiful animals that SeaWorld has! From the dolphins, to the sharks, to the manatees, and sea turtles, my kids were completely captivated! Try and stop by each exhibit you see – they are worth it!

Shamu’s Happy Harbor

I had no idea that this section of the park existed & I am SO glad that it does! This is a kid’s dream! There are carousels and rope climbing playgrounds… train rides and toddler friendly coasters! We spent a good chunk of our day exploring this area of the park & it was a dream come true for my kids who loved the chance to just run and play and ride! This isn’t just for little ones though – older kids would absolutely love the challenging rope course that towers into the sky! You need to make sure that you have it in your plans to stop by Shamu’s Happy Harbor!

The Amazing Animal Shows

I think most famous at SeaWorld are the animal shows! If you were here yourself as a kid, I’m sure we all have some memories of Shamu jumping high into the air and splashing the audience below. The show’s are beautiful, majestic, and captivating for kids! We saw ONE OCEAN – the orca whale show and we also stopped and saw SEA LION HIGH – a funny productions with sea lions and otters! They were equally amazing and showed not only the beauty but the smarts that all these water creatures possess. Not only did my kids sit and watch with wide eyes, but they participated in cheering and clapping along the way. Make sure to stop by one of the many many shows that SeaWorld is famous for!

Check out more of our day on our Vlog!

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