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3 Ingredient Chocolate Biscuit Breakfast: Camping Approved

Just say the word chocolate & I am in! That trait has been passed onto my kids as well – so in this family, we love to find excuses to have some chocolatey goodness in the morning. I also love recipes that are simple and easy and quick because who has time for big messes and shopping for long lists of ingredients? As we live and travel on the road in our RV, we don’t have much space for lots of pots and pans and if you know that feeling, then you know just how important it is to find a yummy meal that everyone loves! The spring is quickly approaching & I know that a lot of people decide to go camping and spend more time outdoors, so if that’s you, then this meal will work perfectly!

Explore: Downtown Aquarium Houston

Aquariums have definitely been one of our favorite stops when we visit a new city! There is something so incredible about seeing the various underwater life and how each town showcases it so differently. Our boys are definitely water-loving kids & watching the fish swim, stingrays play, and sharks prowl is just so exciting to them! I am always amazed at how much love and detail goes into these facilities and the Downtown Aquarium in Houston was no exception. Everything about this aquarium was geared towards having fun & building excitement! We are so honored to have been able to visit and I’m excited to show you our day as we explored!

What To Expect At Disney’s All Star Sports Resort

OH, Walt Disney World! I get excited just writing a post about this magical place! Long time readers know my love for Disney runs deep & my family and I are avid Disney-vacationers. We have stayed at a ton of different resorts, in and around the Orlando area, and we know quite a bit about what to expect in different hotels. Some of my most frequently asked questions on my blog and social media is about where to stay when coming to Disney. I can recommend so many great places – but I wanted to give a shoutout to one that gets undervalued (in my eyes!) in the greater Disney community. If you have been looking at the Disney All Star Sports Resort, here’s what you should expect!

My Survival Guide To Cold & Flu Season

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We have been in the thick of it – as have you, I’m sure – since this is one of the most insane cold & flu seasons that I can remember! Although my family seems to be on the mend, the season certainly is not over – so I wanted to put together a guide to what helped me the most to get over the sickness and feel the best I could while going through it. As a mom, life doesn’t stop when you aren’t feeling well & there are certainly no sick days for parents! These last few weeks I have figured out what has worked best for me so that I can feel as “normal” as possible while still continuing to work and do the mama thing. Aside from medicine, here’s my survival guide!

Easy Like A Winter Morning

Mornings. Before becoming a mama, mornings were definitely not my favorite time of the day. Then, babies made that morning much much earlier and usually a much louder wake up call as well! I have learned at this stage, to love and embrace the mornings, to find ways to make them as relaxing and peaceful as possible, and how to start my day (as well as my kids day) off to a wonderful start! Since we work and travel at “home” in our RV, our schedule is usually pretty leinenant and we generally don’t have anywhere to be first thing each morning, so I want to embrace this time as a way to start the day on the right foot! Any stay at home mamas reading? I surely hope this helps create a culture of slow and impactful days with your kids! Sometimes I find myself rushing… even when I have no where to be. This winter, I am working on being more in the moment. Here’s how our mornings have been going lately…

Making Better Choices

Every year I try and implement new changes into my life that will help me get to new levels, achieve new dreams, and make progress to a better and happier life. I am a hige believer that not everything you do needs to be HUGE. Small changes can make some of the biggest impacts on our lives & we don’t always give them enough credit. Instead of focusing on how how large the overall dream is, why not focus on how you can make a step closer, one day at a time! I wanted to share with you a few ways in which I have changed things around so that I can achieve bigger and better things. I hope you’ll join me this year on this journey!

Target & Yogurt Pouches | Happy Family

These are some of our favorite things. Making the best of shopping trips is essential – like really essential. Making our way through Target usually involves a few open snacks and a stop in the toy aisle, before I can even get what I came in for. I know that if you are anything like me, then you probably love heading to Target (why is everything sooo good?) but with kids it can be more than you bargained for. There are a few reasons that we love going, but the friendly atmosphere and their partnership with some of my kids favorite snacks are just a few. When shopping, here are a few ways that I stay sane.

Explore: Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

Staying in Orlando is one of my family’s very favorite getaways! My boys love the excitement & the joy of the theme parks so we are always eager to get back to the area. Another one of our favorite things to do as a family is explore new resorts that we have not yet been to. As we travel, we get asked a lot about the best places to stay that are kid friendly and that are worth the booking. No vacation has more curious minds than those who are planning a Disney World vacation! We absolutely love chatting about our best tips and tricks and I am excited to add our new favorite resort to that list Рthe beautiful Omni Resort at Champions Gate!