Faithfully Beautiful

Teething: It Will End

Does anyone else feel like just when things are going smoothly, something gets thrown out of whack? This is the eternal struggle of parenting! 😉 Ryland has always been a phenomenal sleeper, and for that I am extremely grateful! However, just about 6 weeks before our second baby made his entrance, Ry started waking up in the middle of the night…screaming. We had never experienced this with him before & we were shocked. This went on for weeks and I was getting exhausted. He was much crankier during the days as well and soon we realized that about 5 LARGE teeth were poking their way through.

Embrace the Swaddle

If you have ever been a mother to a newborn, then you know the coveted and skillful art that is the swaddle. When Ryland was first born and the lovely nurses in the hospital were teaching us how wrap him up all tight and snuggly, all my husband & I could think of was how he looked like a burrito. That’s when the name “Rylito” came to be and we still call him that to this day! LOL. This time around when I went into the hospital to have baby Landon, I brought with me my new obsession, this AMAZING muslin blanket from XOVE Baby.

My #MothersPromise

Since the moment I found out I was gonna be a momma, I knew that I wanted to be there for my kids. I made a promise that very night that the test said positive that I would do my best to be present and active in my kid’s lives. As a preschool teacher at the time, I had experiences with lots of different kinds of parents. It was easy at that time to nitpick their flaws and applaud their successes from the outside, but little did I know how hard (and extremely rewarding!) parenting could really be.

How To Make Nursing Easier

I am certainly no expert on the topic, but after having my son, I realized that I needed to find any & every way to make this new nursing-thing work for us & be as easy and painless as possible! To my surprise, something so natural didn’t come quite so naturally. Can anyone else agree? Today, I am going to share some ways that I made the process as smooth as possible & am adding in some new things I’ll be trying out when my second son makes his appearance in early March!

Animal Kingdom For Babies & Toddlers

Deciding when to bring your kids to Disney World & figure out just which park will be a good fit for their age group can be a tricky task. It’s absolutely no surprise that we love Disney around here and that we have no fear when it comes to bringing our little people along with us. If you are new to my blog, you will have to take me at my word, but if you know us. Well, then you know. The obsession is real. We had a blast spending the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this February and I wanted to share it with you as well as some tips to doing the park with littles and the best rides and attractions to take them on!