Faithfully Beautiful

Making The Best Of Our Disney Vacation

There is always wonderful memories to be made at Disney – no matter if you are evacuated for a hurricane or not! As many of ya’ll know, we were right at the beginning of our week long trip to Disney World (which is a tradition for us each October) when Hurricane Matthew became a real threat to the Orlando area. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short as we were evacuated from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds – which hasn’t happened in 10 years – so we are a part of Disney history now! Despite the extreme shortening of our vacation, we managed to get some fun in while we were there & I want to share with you some tips for planning your next Disney World vacay. I’ll be praying there is no hurricanes for you! 😉

Bundleme Up & Take Me Out

A bundled up babe? Is there anything cuter!? The fall and winter are such magical times of the year and there are so many fun activities to take part in – most of which involve being outside or having to transport that tiny baby from one place to another. All the while, you as a new mom may be panicking because “HOW will I keep my teeny babe warm and snuggled in their stroller or carseat when all they want to do it kick of their blankets!?” Although we live in Florida and don’t get as many cold days as I sometimes wish we did – there are still times coming up in the not so distant future that we will be pulling out our JJ Cole Bundleme!

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are SO much fun & such an exciting time! This weekend I attended one of my best friend’s shower for her sweet baby girl that is due next month & as a boy mom I am so excited to spoil this princess! After having a few baby showers of my own and planning and attending many for friends and family members, I have come to love creating unique and special gifts that the mommy to be will surely love. Of course, babies need certain things – diapers, wipes, bottles – and I always encourage party goers to bring those essentials, but I want to share with you some of the FUN and UNIQUE gifts that you may not have thought of yet!

What Motherhood Taught Me

My whole life I wanted to be a mother. The dream job changed (I wasn’t quite meant to be a ballerina), the dream house changed (the home from Miracle on 34th Street the re-make wasn’t for sale), but the yearning for a sweet babe stayed throughout. What I didn’t know was how much motherhood would change me from the second we found out I was pregnant, to the birth of our son a few months ago. I didn’t know that the world would become new after seeing Cooper learning things every minute of every day. And that it would teach me to stop & breathe it all in because the days, then weeks, then months fly by too fast.

How I Refresh My Closet On A Major Budget

Shopping. It’s all fun & games until it’s time to check out, am I right? I am going to be real with you for a second… as much as I love clothes and getting something new in my closet – I NEVER do it. Maybe I’m alone, or maybe there are tons of other women who are like me and feel guilty about buying something solely for myself, but I haven’t purchased much new clothing in my closet for years. I got to the point, though, that I realized that I needed to update a little bit & get some great pieces in my wardrobe – the next problem, however, was how expensive shopping can be. That’s when I came across thredUP and now I’m sold!!

Mama & Me Style: Ready For Fall

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons – it’s weird to say that since I really do love being at the beach and the pool but there is something just magical about the cooler weather and the excitement around these next few months. Since we are in Florida, we honestly don’t get much of a relief in the “fall” but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still try our best to show off our autumn style! Today we rocked our flannel and booties and dreamed of the days when the weather allows us to do it more often!

It’s Perfectly OK to #GoComfy

There is a certain stigma that us mom’s face: That if we are living our lives in leggings & mom buns that we are lazy or that we must not “care” anymore, but I challenge you to look at it differently! Your life is active, adventurous, crazy, busy, full of love & cuddles, and for THAT you should be able to dress comfy! I don’t want to feel like since I live in loungewear most days that I am any less than a mom who dresses to the nines. For me & my lifestyle, my uniform matches perfectly and I am proud to be a boy mom of two tiny guys who keep me on my toes!

Baby & Toddler Toys

There is simply nothing sweeter to a mommy then seeing her kids love on and enjoy each other. I knew that I wanted my son to have a sibling and we planned for them to be so close in age, but nevertheless the baby and toddler years are a hard time to get them to “connect.” Ryland is 2 now and is completely in his own world most of the time, while Landon is only 6 months and just learning his way a little bit more. Up until about a month ago, not much interaction ever took place between the two, I mean, how could it? But each day their relationship is growing closer and closer and more sweet for me to watch. One of the best things has been finding toys that entertain them both at the same time!