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Every Traveler’s New Favorite Bag

We are a travel-loving family! I’m sure that if you have been around my blog for a while, you already know that! However, even though we travel FULL-TIME, we are always in our RV, which means we never have to pack up a suitcase to bring anywhere. It’s amazing, but lately we have found ourselves wanting to branch out a little more. We have been going to fun resorts and staying with family & friends, which has meant, PACKING. Since we don’t have the space in our camper to store suitcases or luggage, I started looking to find travel gear that would work well with our lives & boy, oh boy, have I found it!

Giving The Gift of Family Ancestry

I have been curious for a very long time about what my family make up is. I know, generally, where we came from, but isn’t there something always inside of you wanting to know more? I have loved that in today’s world, finding out the answers can be so very simple and easy for us to do! This Christmas, I wanted to gift my family the gift of family ancestry – knowing where we came from & what makes us, us!

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

DISNEY AT CHRISTMAS! Is there anything more magical!? I will answer that for you with a big NO! I could not be more excited for the Christmas season & with that, comes my love for Disney during the holidays. Every year, we make sure that we head to Orlando and experience the beauty of the parks and the resorts all decorated to perfection! The detail is just amazing to me & is totally unmatched. This is our second year heading to the amazing Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & it surely did not disappoint. If you are thinking of attending, here are my top 4 reasons why you should book the trip!

How To Keep Your Summer Highlights All Winter Long

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

I have always loved keeping my hair light & bright! There is something so refreshing about the natural sun highlights that my hair gets in the summer, but I have always wanted to keep that same look throughout the winter season. However, the sun just doesn’t do its job as well for me in the colder months and my hair tends to look more dull. I have a hair secret that I have been using since I was in middle school for those times when I want to get those light subtle highlights! Are you looking for a great way to keep some dimension in your hair that doesn’t involve a trip to the salon? Listen up!

Positively Powerful with Pamprin

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

There is nothing I like more than positivity! I truly think that the act of spreading positivity is one of the most powerful weapons that we have – it’s contagious! I know that we all fall into slumps though, when we aren’t feeling like sunshine and rainbows and we notice ourselves shy away from the positive behaviors we know and love. Unfortunately, the holiday time is also hard on so many. However, it shouldn’t be that way & as women I think we need to turn it around this year! That is why I am so excited about the 21-Days Of Positivity that I am partnering on with Pamprin to show you!

Explore: Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa

Are you looking for somewhere great to stay while going to Disney? Planning a trip to the Orlando area & don’t know where to start? I have the place for you! I know how overwhelming it can be finding a hotel in the area. How do you know which ones are great and family friendly? Will the facilities be as they claim to be? We have traveled and stayed in the Disney World area too many times to count, but I am so excited to share this new resort we discovered that you need to try out next time you are planning your trip!

How To Deal With Annoying Winter Symptoms: Lips Edition

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

I absolutely love the change of seasons, but with it comes some pretty annoying symptoms. I tend to be susceptible to most of them & so over the years I have learned what tends to work for me during the cold and dry months of the year. One of the most frustrating for me is my lips. I have talked about it in beauty posts before, but I struggle with being able to wear the season’s most festive matte lip colors becasue of the fact that my lips always seem to be dry & cracked. I know I am not alone & although it isn’t the most glamorous thing to chat about, I knew I should share about what works great for me so that you can also try it for yourself!

Unique Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year! CHRISTMAS! I get a little crazy around the Christmas season – I’m a huge fan! The spirit of the holiday is simply unmatched and I just love getting into it with my family. I hope that you are looking forward to Christmas as much as I am! My son Ryland is finally grasping the idea of the season & now at 3 years old he now knows that he should be “expecting” gifts which is something he didn’t understand until this year. I know many of my readers also have toddlers, so I wanted to put together a gift guide of items that are unique and fun for your toddlers! Hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays!