Faithfully Beautiful

Creating A Home Away From Home

Living in a small space can have it’s challenges. Add on that the small space has wheels and no permanent address & there are even more things to overcome! Living in our RV has been a blast so far, but since it is our home away from home for the foreseeable future, I wanted to make sure that it received all the charm and the personal touches as our house had. Of course, there isn’t as much wall space and certainly not as much storage space, so making it work has been a game of Tetris. I am absolutely loving the details that we have added & thanks to my friends at MPix, we have made our camper feel more like home.

4 Steps To Achieving A Simpler Home Life

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Living simply. It’s a trend that seems to be on the rise, but more than a minimalistic style trend, living a more simple home life can set you free in so many areas. Creating a house that works for your family but that allows you to have more time, resources, and space for other things you love in life is what it is all about. In fact, many of you know that we recently completely downsized our lives and are now living our dreams by traveling the country full time in our RV. Anyone can do something like this, or achieve the same freedoms from the comfort of their own home, so here is my 4 tips for helping you get there!

Every Adventurer Needs A Snack

It has been a whirlwind while we have been staying here in Louisiana – quite literally. More days than not the rain has been pouring down and the wind has been pretty intense, but that doesn’t take away from any of the fun and joy that my kids have been finding at this beautiful campground. As mamas, we know just how excited little ones can get about rain puddles, so we have been embracing what Mother Nature has given us and have been jumping through mud puddles and trekking through mountains of rocks.

How To Find Your Creativity

Being in a creative business is one of my dreams come true. I have always loved creating and being able to speak my voice and now I get to do that as part of my job – it’s incredible! Something that is challenging when it comes to being in a creative job is that everything rises and falls on your ability to keep making new and engaging content. I get questions all the time about how to combat that feeling of loosing your creative drive so I put together a few ways that help to fuel my creativity in hopes that it inspire you as well!

Summer Dresses Under $30

It’s officially HOT outside & I wanted to put together a collection of some of my favorite dresses that are affordable and great for mom life while enjoying your kids this summer! I am a huge dress fan. I think that they are just easy and cutest & great to feel cool in the heat. I hope you like these as much as I do! Are you a dress person or do you prefer shorts and a tee shirt in the summertime?

Embracing Childhood Moments

I love being a mom. I don’t love chaos and messes, however, but each day my kids are teaching me more and more to see that these things don’t have to be negative. When we hear the word “mess” I know that most of us cringe at the thought. We strive for perfect & clean homes, beautifully organized Instagram feeds, and kids that listen to our every word. As much as we may secretly (or not so secretly) wish for those things sometimes, I want to encourage you to embrace every childhood moment – the good, the crazy, and the messy.

Treat Yourself with MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy (+ $25 Walmart Giveaway!)

I am a huge sweets lover and the type of person that needs to end their day (or start it) with some kind of chocolatey goodness. There is nothing better to me than a great treat after a long day of being a mama & I know that other moms are with me on that one. The long running joke about moms sneaking chocolate when their kids can’t see them? Yep. That’s totally me. One of our families favorite desserts is Oreo cookies, so when I saw that MILKA and OREO made a line of candy, I couldn’t resist. It’s pretty amazing & you should definitely #TryOREOChocolate!

Explore: Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Bringing kids to the zoo is always a good choice. There is something so magical about being transported from everyday life into the mystical jungle filled with beasts you don’t often get to see up close and personal. Ryland & Landon are such nature lovers and so getting them in front of some beautiful animals just makes their joy levels go through the roof. We had such a blast today as we explored the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores! Their tagline is “The Little Zoo That Could” and I swear, once you go there, you will see exactly why!