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Taking Care Of Sensitive Skin In The Winter Months

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It’s absolutely no secret for those that know me and follow my story through my blog that I have always dealt with sensitive skin. One of the hard parts about dealing with sensitivity is that is can change so quickly, especially as the seasons change. Winter tends to be hard on women’s skin in general – and I have been no different. As a general rule, I have worked hard to put my own self-care at the forefront & learning and caring about what products and strategies are best for my skincare routine has been important to me. I am so excited to be partnering with Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant for this post and sharing with you some amazing tips straight from one of their doctors!

The Quickest Solution To Clear Skin

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This is the real deal. What I am about to tell you, I have been using myself since middle school! It really works, friends. So if you are looking for the quickest solution to clear skin, you have just found it. I have to be honest and tell you that I have not always taken the best care of my skin. In fact, I totally took it for granted. I never really had oily skin or skin that broke out easily, so I didn’t put much thought into taking care of it. As I am getting older & having babies, my skin has changed a ton & I notice now that all those years behind me of not taking care of my skin may be catching up.

SMILE Gift Basket Perfect For Mama Friends

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Are you as excited for the holidays as I am!? I know it’s super close, but some of us are still online searching for great ideas on what to get those special friends and family members. I know I am not the only one, am I right? I have been so blessed to have been given some amazing mama friends around me, and I wanted to find something that they would appreciate, that would give them a little bit of special self care, and that would make them SMILE! I realized that we don’t always get ourselves even just practical necessities around the holidays, because, as a mother, we are shopping for everyone else! This year, let’s spread a little cheer and gift one of your closest friends a gift basket that will surely make her light up from ear to ear.

Every Traveler’s New Favorite Bag

We are a travel-loving family! I’m sure that if you have been around my blog for a while, you already know that! However, even though we travel FULL-TIME, we are always in our RV, which means we never have to pack up a suitcase to bring anywhere. It’s amazing, but lately we have found ourselves wanting to branch out a little more. We have been going to fun resorts and staying with family & friends, which has meant, PACKING. Since we don’t have the space in our camper to store suitcases or luggage, I started looking to find travel gear that would work well with our lives & boy, oh boy, have I found it!

How To Keep Your Summer Highlights All Winter Long

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I have always loved keeping my hair light & bright! There is something so refreshing about the natural sun highlights that my hair gets in the summer, but I have always wanted to keep that same look throughout the winter season. However, the sun just doesn’t do its job as well for me in the colder months and my hair tends to look more dull. I have a hair secret that I have been using since I was in middle school for those times when I want to get those light subtle highlights! Are you looking for a great way to keep some dimension in your hair that doesn’t involve a trip to the salon? Listen up!

How To Deal With Annoying Winter Symptoms: Lips Edition

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I absolutely love the change of seasons, but with it comes some pretty annoying symptoms. I tend to be susceptible to most of them & so over the years I have learned what tends to work for me during the cold and dry months of the year. One of the most frustrating for me is my lips. I have talked about it in beauty posts before, but I struggle with being able to wear the season’s most festive matte lip colors becasue of the fact that my lips always seem to be dry & cracked. I know I am not alone & although it isn’t the most glamorous thing to chat about, I knew I should share about what works great for me so that you can also try it for yourself!

What I’m Wearing: Navy Midi Dress

If I could scream from the rooftops how much I love this dress – I would! I am a huge fan of dresses and heels, but I have generally always stuck to the traditional above the knee style or maxi dresses. For some reason, I was nervous about trying out a midi dress & I wasn’t sure how it would look and flatter my body. The second that I came across this one though, I was in love and I totally knew that it was something that I at least needed to try out! Now I am so thrilled that I did because it is just the all around perfect dress for the season.

Updating My Cozy Winter Wardrobe

There is simply nothing better in the world to me than being cuddled up, cozy and warm, during the winter season. I am a total fan of the fall + winter times and overall the coziness that they bring. Every year, I pull out my same old sweatpants and jackets that I’ve been wearing year after year, because my excuse is, “I’m only wearing them at home, who cares?” But this year, I decided to update my winter warddrobe and bring in pieces that make me feel great about myself, that are amazing and lasting quality, and that I am not confimed to only wearing inside my home.