Faithfully Beautiful

Summer Dresses Under $30

It’s officially HOT outside & I wanted to put together a collection of some of my favorite dresses that are affordable and great for mom life while enjoying your kids this summer! I am a huge dress fan. I think that they are just easy and cutest & great to feel cool in the heat. I hope you like these as much as I do! Are you a dress person or do you prefer shorts and a tee shirt in the summertime?

Wait… I Can Be Confident In A Swimsuit!?

Hey ladies – can I be real & honest here? For the last 3 and a half years straight, I have either been pregnant or nursing and that means that my body has changed and grown and shrunk and morphed more times than I would like to admit in these few years. Being confident in a bathing suit is certainly not one of my strong points. In fact, I have probably only worn one a handful of times since becoming a mama. It’s not that I’m super ashamed of my body, I just no longer had anything that fit me and worked well for my lifestyle now with two kids to chase down at the beach. In fact, I kept saying, “If I could just find a suit that fit me well, I would totally rock it!” Anyone with me?

10 Reasons Why Moms Don’t Get Dressed Everyday

Sure, it seems easy enough for those who aren’t mothers.

Get up. Get ready. Start your day.

But my oh my, if someone would have told me before I had kids just how much time and energy it would take to do those 3 simple tasks, I wouldn’t have believed them. We all see those mama’s who look put together everyday, or maybe we love to stalk that fashionista mom’s Instagram feed and loathe her for being able to wear heels and lipstick on a daily basis… For all of us who have been there and done that motherhood thing, I know you can relate to these top 10 reasons why mom’s just don’t get dressed everyday.

Shirts Every Mom Needs In Her Life

Becoming a mom has been my greatest success and my most cherished role. I was never one to wear graphic tees until I had a baby & then I realized just HOW essential they are in my mom wardrobe. Not only are they super cute, but they allow me to have fun with my style – and they can be dressed up or down. These tees tell the world about my favorite title I’ve ever been given: MAMA! I know that once you see these, you will want one (or all) for yourself! They also make the best gifts for mom friends in your life.

What is #FaithfullyBeautiful?

When I started my blog, I had so many ideas of what I wanted to see. I started it a few months after my son Ryland was born, about 2 years ago now – and as a young wife, a new mom, a youth pastor alongside my husband, a business owner, a Christian, a friend, a daughter, and a lover of so many different things, I didn’t know exactly how to find my niche and each name that I came up with for myself just seemed too restricting. After putting it on hold, it was on New Years Eve night 2014/15 that I settled upon Faithfully Beautiful.

Gifts for the Mom Boss

We know them & let’s face it, we ARE them. The MOM BOSSES in your life that you know work so hard to provide for their family all while being an awesome mama! I am inspired daily by so many of my friends, fellow bloggers, and business owners that I meet that are running businesses and babies! It is simply amazing that we live in a time where it is so accessible for moms to make a living from home! For the mom boss lady in your life, I have put together some gifts that I’m sure she will absolutely love!

Staying Comfy + Protected (Plus a Recycling DIY)

We all love to be comfotrable, am I right? You know what else we all love… to know that we are protected (especially our kids) from the sun. Living in Florida, there is never a day that goes by that we aren’t worried about the sun shining down on us, but generally many people don’t think to add sunscreen unless they are heading to the beach or the pool. It’s more important than ever to make sure you are keeping your skin safe & having clothing that does it for you is a great way to live hassle free!

How I Refresh My Closet On A Major Budget

Shopping. It’s all fun & games until it’s time to check out, am I right? I am going to be real with you for a second… as much as I love clothes and getting something new in my closet – I NEVER do it. Maybe I’m alone, or maybe there are tons of other women who are like me and feel guilty about buying something solely for myself, but I haven’t purchased much new clothing in my closet for years. I got to the point, though, that I realized that I needed to update a little bit & get some great pieces in my wardrobe – the next problem, however, was how expensive shopping can be. That’s when I came across thredUP and now I’m sold!!