Faithfully Beautiful

3 Ingredient Chocolate Biscuit Breakfast: Camping Approved

Just say the word chocolate & I am in! That trait has been passed onto my kids as well – so in this family, we love to find excuses to have some chocolatey goodness in the morning. I also love recipes that are simple and easy and quick because who has time for big messes and shopping for long lists of ingredients? As we live and travel on the road in our RV, we don’t have much space for lots of pots and pans and if you know that feeling, then you know just how important it is to find a yummy meal that everyone loves! The spring is quickly approaching & I know that a lot of people decide to go camping and spend more time outdoors, so if that’s you, then this meal will work perfectly!

Making Better Choices

Every year I try and implement new changes into my life that will help me get to new levels, achieve new dreams, and make progress to a better and happier life. I am a hige believer that not everything you do needs to be HUGE. Small changes can make some of the biggest impacts on our lives & we don’t always give them enough credit. Instead of focusing on how how large the overall dream is, why not focus on how you can make a step closer, one day at a time! I wanted to share with you a few ways in which I have changed things around so that I can achieve bigger and better things. I hope you’ll join me this year on this journey!

Target & Yogurt Pouches | Happy Family

These are some of our favorite things. Making the best of shopping trips is essential – like really essential. Making our way through Target usually involves a few open snacks and a stop in the toy aisle, before I can even get what I came in for. I know that if you are anything like me, then you probably love heading to Target (why is everything sooo good?) but with kids it can be more than you bargained for. There are a few reasons that we love going, but the friendly atmosphere and their partnership with some of my kids favorite snacks are just a few. When shopping, here are a few ways that I stay sane.

Fueling An Adventure-Filled Lifestyle

One of my goals as a mama is to fuel my kids sense of adventure and love for the world. I think that this can be as big as taking them on vacations to show them new people and places and as small as choosing foods and snacks that properly nourish their growing bodies to withstand a day of exploration in your own backyard. All of us can find ways to inspire a greater sense of discovery in our kids. Bring them to a new park. Teach them some challenging words. Give them a new snack to try. I have always said, the love of adventure starts at home! Anyone can cultivate it, you just have to be open to trying & trust me, your kids will thank you for it!

Easy-Peasy Meals For Toddlers

If you came here thinking I was going to tell you a bunch of awesome recipes and great ideas for making your kid’s lunches, then you obviously haven’t been around here too often. 🙂 I am a self proclaimed bad cook, but you know what, it is okay & I own it. I am able to own it because I have found so many options that make this area SO. MUCH. EASIER. in my life and that is why I get so excited to share them with you. If you are a busy mama with no time (or will) to cook your kiddos meals, then I have exactly what you need! Coming at you is the revolutionary food subscription delivery service that is geared towards kids!

No Need to Water Juice Down When You Can Water it Up

I’m sure every mom can feel me on this one. Kids want JUICE & they usually want a lot of it. It’s important to me that throughout their super picky phases and their love of all things sugary that they still get the good stuff that they need. Sometimes that involves trickery, but sometimes a new product comes to the market that solves one of our problems perfectly. This past week we tried Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water and I’m so happy about this discovery. Not only do I not feel the need to water the juice down, but it actually is made with coconut water (which is awesome itself) and has naturally 30% less sugar.

Best Bites For Back To School

It’s back to school season & being out and about shopping brings back all the memories of when I was in school! This time of year can be exciting, hard, bittersweet, or a combination of them all! Although my kids aren’t heading to school, I am still excited about all the new brands and fun foods that are perfect for any busy family to pack in lunch boxes, diaper bags, and more! The perfect snacks for during and after school and activities? I’ve got you covered!

Why Family Pizza Night Is The Best Night

I could eat pizza every night. I know, I know. Balance. It’s what I tell myself. But there is absolutely no denying that pizza is a staple in our family dinner diet – because who can stay away from a delicious pizza pie for too long? There are so many reasons why family pizza night is one of our favorite nights of the month (or sometimes week!) but it’s gotten even better as of late.