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Tampa Moms, Wanna Save Money?

It’s almost here! The grand opening of Sprouts Farmers Market in Carrollwood is only a week away and I simply cannot wait! I’ve shared tons of reasons why I am excited about the opening from all the incredible foods that they serve to their mission in our very own community, but now I’m sharing the details on the big week ahead and how it can help you save money – during the opening and beyond! Will I get the chance to see you there!? When are you heading out to the store?

(No Guilt) Groceries On A Budget

“I want to eat healthy and more natural… I really do.” How many times does that run through your head? As moms, we want to give our kids the best there is, but our budget doesn’t always allow for that. When I’m browsing through the grocery store, the increase in price from regualr snacks and products to their organic counterparts is mind-blowing. We all work hard to grant our kids and families the best we can, but can’t it just be a little bit easier on our wallets?

Toddler-Approved Infused Water Recipes

It may be cold outside, but we still need to be sure that we are staying hydrated. And no, I’m sorry… Hot cocoa all day everyday doesn’t cut it. 🙂 Ryland has been on a “juice kick” lately, but I don’t want him constantly having sugary drinks, so since he was getting bored with the regular water and milk selection, we decided to change it up a bit and infuse some water! With three yummy ingredients we made a few different flavors and I think you (& your littles) will enjoy them as much as we did!

Introducing Hello Fresh

Food. We all love it and we all need it. But for some of us, the process of planning, shopping, and cooking is just downright overwhelming. I have never been one that was great in the kitchen – and each week when it’s time to head to the grocery store I start to get anxious about what I’m going to be cooking. With a busy work schedule, two babies, and all the other details of our everyday lives, it seems I have let getting on a great meal planning schedule fall to the wayside. I have heard so many good things about Hello Fresh from friends, so I decided it was time to give it a try for myself!