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Giving The Gift of Family Ancestry

I have been curious for a very long time about what my family make up is. I know, generally, where we came from, but isn’t there something always inside of you wanting to know more? I have loved that in today’s world, finding out the answers can be so very simple and easy for us to do! This Christmas, I wanted to gift my family the gift of family ancestry – knowing where we came from & what makes us, us!

How To Deal With Annoying Winter Symptoms: Lips Edition

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

I absolutely love the change of seasons, but with it comes some pretty annoying symptoms. I tend to be susceptible to most of them & so over the years I have learned what tends to work for me during the cold and dry months of the year. One of the most frustrating for me is my lips. I have talked about it in beauty posts before, but I struggle with being able to wear the season’s most festive matte lip colors becasue of the fact that my lips always seem to be dry & cracked. I know I am not alone & although it isn’t the most glamorous thing to chat about, I knew I should share about what works great for me so that you can also try it for yourself!

A Minted Christmas: Gift Guide For The Entire Family

Shopping for large families can become quite time consuming and just downright hard. If I head to the mall or a department store, I am instantly overwhelmed with the amount of options. Do they want clothing, gift cards, electronics!? Between my husband’s family & my own, we have a lot of people on our list to shop for & generally it is stressful trying to come to a consensus on what to buy. This year we decided that we needed to keep it simple & find a way to get all our shopping done online and in one quick and easy location! It worked so well for us that I am thrilled to let you know about our new Christmas tradition: A Minted Christmas!

Relax This Season with Cold Weather Comforts

Over the past few weeks, the cold weather has been moving in & I have to say – I am loving it! I was raised in Florida, and to us, cold is like 70 degrees, but this year I am in Tennessee for the season and the crisp breeze is super refreshing. Whenever the winter season comes around, I always get the urge to make everything in my life comfy, cozy, and special. The holidays and the weather are the perfect match for making your home or “me time” just a little more comfortable. This season I am all about soaking it in & finding ways to indulge in some extra mom time.

Easy-Peasy Meals For Toddlers

If you came here thinking I was going to tell you a bunch of awesome recipes and great ideas for making your kid’s lunches, then you obviously haven’t been around here too often. 🙂 I am a self proclaimed bad cook, but you know what, it is okay & I own it. I am able to own it because I have found so many options that make this area SO. MUCH. EASIER. in my life and that is why I get so excited to share them with you. If you are a busy mama with no time (or will) to cook your kiddos meals, then I have exactly what you need! Coming at you is the revolutionary food subscription delivery service that is geared towards kids!

Updating My Cozy Winter Wardrobe

There is simply nothing better in the world to me than being cuddled up, cozy and warm, during the winter season. I am a total fan of the fall + winter times and overall the coziness that they bring. Every year, I pull out my same old sweatpants and jackets that I’ve been wearing year after year, because my excuse is, “I’m only wearing them at home, who cares?” But this year, I decided to update my winter warddrobe and bring in pieces that make me feel great about myself, that are amazing and lasting quality, and that I am not confimed to only wearing inside my home.

Activities To Prepare Your Toddler For School

It’s back to school time! Many of us mamas are sending our child for the first time to their Pre-K class while some are releasing their child for the fifth time. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in at the moment, we all know the feelings that accompany a new school year. There are some of us, however, that have not yet sent our kids off to class, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not just as diligent about our morning routine. Getting my kids ready for the years ahead is important to me, so we have activities that we will be implementing this school year that are perfect for educating toddlers.

5 Things I Love About Fall

Warning: This post is about to be super basic & I don’t care one bit! We all know that deep down, we all anxiously await the fall season and all those cliche reasons for why it’s the best? Yepppp. I definitely can relate! This year we are getting to experience a real autumn season – as opposed to the Florida 90 degree weather that usually graces our September and October months. The last few days here in Tennessee have been in the 60’s which means it’s sweater weather! Like I said, call me basic – but I love it! Here are 5 reasons why I cannot get enough!