Faithfully Beautiful

Winter Outdoor Activities (No Matter Where You Live!)

It’s winter time! Although for us here in Florida, that doesn’t mean too much. The weather is a little bit cooler and the breeze feels great though, so we have been making sure to spend time outdoors as we approach the holidays! One of the coolest things about our country is how different the climates are in our one land. Right now I have friends who are making snowmen at the same time that we are taking evening walks on the beach… it’s pretty crazy, but I have gathered some ideas that are perfect for you and your kids to enjoy no matter what your weather is like this winter!

What The Men In Your Life Really Want…

Men can be hard to shop for & they can be even harder to read sometimes. For all the ladies out there looking for a way to truly “wow” the man in her life this year – then I’ve got you covered! From that gift that stuns them and they’ll hold onto for years to come, all the way to the practical stocking stuffers that they will get great use out of, there is something here in this gift guide that you will certainly be a great choice.

Meet b0bi…

Since becoming a mom, somedays it seems that my new title is Personal Maid. I never realized just how much of a mess little children can make in such a short period of time, but let’s just be honest – it’s A LOT. There is washing little faces and bottoms, cleaning handprints off every surface, doing dishes and laundry all day every day, and of course VACUUMING up all their teeny tiny crumbs that seem to come out of thin air! If I had to add up all the times I vaccuumed in my entire life and compared it to how much I have since becoming a mom, I know for a fact that these last 2.5 years far exceed the earlier! It’s shocking, but necessary, but guess what!? I found something to save my time + my sanity!

Adorning Your Home With Fresh Flowers

There are few things in the world as joyous as receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers and having them take up residence in your home! It’s simply one of those gestures that never gets old and no matter the season, there is always a good reason to have your home adorned with a beautiful & stunning floral bouquet. I have to admit, I have fallen into the mindset that flowers are for the warmer months, but after having this autumn inspired arrangement in my kitchen in the foreground of our Christmas decor, I am now convinced that flowers need to take up a space in every home this winter.

Dad Must Haves

Is anyone else completely bewildered that the holidays are RIGHT on top of us!? I simply cannot even believe it – but one thing is for sure, I’ve got to start thinking of some great gifts for my family & friends. The hardest person to shop for (ever!) is my husband. Now, don’t get me wrong, he has a lot of hobbies and interests, but I have heard from so many other ladies that it’s still impossible to buy for them. Why is this? I think it has to do with the fact that they choose their own gear throughout the year, leaving us left with nothing but another customized photo book to give dads on Christmas.

Walking In Each Others Shoes

It seems that this day in age, everyone is in comparison mode. Maybe it’s always been that way or maybe it’s just because social media has mainstreamed the ability to so closely monitor everyone else’s life. But either way, the fact of the matter is that you are simply only seeing what those people want you to see. I have a challenge for all you married couples and families out there… Instead of comparing your own relationship and lifestyle to the people you see on TV, on Instagram, or in your local coffee shop from afar, start walking in your partner’s shoes, your kids shoes, your OWN shoes.

Making The Best Of Our Disney Vacation

There is always wonderful memories to be made at Disney – no matter if you are evacuated for a hurricane or not! As many of ya’ll know, we were right at the beginning of our week long trip to Disney World (which is a tradition for us each October) when Hurricane Matthew became a real threat to the Orlando area. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short as we were evacuated from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds – which hasn’t happened in 10 years – so we are a part of Disney history now! Despite the extreme shortening of our vacation, we managed to get some fun in while we were there & I want to share with you some tips for planning your next Disney World vacay. I’ll be praying there is no hurricanes for you! 😉

Cleaning & Organizing Hacks

For me, the key to keeping things ‘clean” is making sure that everything has a home. Things WILL get messy – things WILL get unorganized – and you WILL look around and wonder how your house became such a disaster in such a short amount of time when you are a mama but I assure you, there are ways to make the clean up process a little smoother. Now I am no expert… In fact, many would probably say I am not even mediocre in the cleaning department, but that is why I find all the hacks so genius. Let’s work smarter, not harder.