Faithfully Beautiful

Walking In Each Others Shoes

It seems that this day in age, everyone is in comparison mode. Maybe it’s always been that way or maybe it’s just because social media has mainstreamed the ability to so closely monitor everyone else’s life. But either way, the fact of the matter is that you are simply only seeing what those people want you to see. I have a challenge for all you married couples and families out there… Instead of comparing your own relationship and lifestyle to the people you see on TV, on Instagram, or in your local coffee shop from afar, start walking in your partner’s shoes, your kids shoes, your OWN shoes.

Making The Best Of Our Disney Vacation

There is always wonderful memories to be made at Disney – no matter if you are evacuated for a hurricane or not! As many of ya’ll know, we were right at the beginning of our week long trip to Disney World (which is a tradition for us each October) when Hurricane Matthew became a real threat to the Orlando area. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short as we were evacuated from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds – which hasn’t happened in 10 years – so we are a part of Disney history now! Despite the extreme shortening of our vacation, we managed to get some fun in while we were there & I want to share with you some tips for planning your next Disney World vacay. I’ll be praying there is no hurricanes for you! 😉

Cleaning & Organizing Hacks

For me, the key to keeping things ‘clean” is making sure that everything has a home. Things WILL get messy – things WILL get unorganized – and you WILL look around and wonder how your house became such a disaster in such a short amount of time when you are a mama but I assure you, there are ways to make the clean up process a little smoother. Now I am no expert… In fact, many would probably say I am not even mediocre in the cleaning department, but that is why I find all the hacks so genius. Let’s work smarter, not harder.

New Home, New Memories

I’m sure I’m not the only mama who gets emotional about moving. Now you see, everytime we move, it’s been a positive thing – for a good reason – something to be excited about, & I always am! However, there is still always that part of me that looks back on all the memories that last home held. Of course, we will always have them as memories (& in my case pictures because you know I take a lot of those!) This week we moved into our new home, which is a major blessing to us in so many ways and I am absolutely loving it but the process definitely makes me think, reminisce, and appreciate how fast time flies.

The Perfect Beachmate

By now, you all are aware of our love for the beach and the great outdoors, but it wasn’t until this summer that heading to the beach became a HUGE ordeal. For one, we have a second baby now, so my two hands are now magically non-existent because each one is sporting a child and on top of that Ryland is now getting to the age where he needs toys and buckets and snacks and drinks, galore! Even with two parents, conquering a beach day is hard work and I found us making multiple trips just to get our stuff down to our little piece of paradise. This has all changed though, thanks to the Beachmate!

Mom’s 5 Simple Tips To A Great Morning

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Mornings… Is there a worse word in the English language? I have never been a morning person, but when I think about it, I’m not a night owl either. So, what does that make me? A sleeper? Maybe so & I’m totally cool with that! However, since having kids, I no longer have the option of sleeping when I want to. They are now the dictators of my sleep schedule and so I have had to find creative ways to jumpstart my day that put me in a great mood (instead of LONGINGLY day dreaming of being back in bed…) I’m sharing with ya’ll today 5 simple tips to having a great morning!

Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos

Staying organized is not necessarily my strong point. I have so many things going on between family life, our business, my blog, and our ministries at our church that I can get overwhelmed by everything that seems to pile up on my to-do list. An incredible product that I came across to combat this has been the Daily Action Planner. It is an entire planner that is only for ONE month, which means so much space to organize, plan, and categorize my thoughts and ideas in one place.

My #MothersPromise

Since the moment I found out I was gonna be a momma, I knew that I wanted to be there for my kids. I made a promise that very night that the test said positive that I would do my best to be present and active in my kid’s lives. As a preschool teacher at the time, I had experiences with lots of different kinds of parents. It was easy at that time to nitpick their flaws and applaud their successes from the outside, but little did I know how hard (and extremely rewarding!) parenting could really be.