Faithfully Beautiful

3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself As A Mom

Health, beauty, wellness! All things that we insist are vitally important to a mommy’s wellbeing, however many of us completely neglect it most of the time. I can tell you that I am completely guilty of telling everyone else in my life – including my kids & husband – about how important it is to take care of themselves but am I even living it out myself? This post is not only for all of you out there reading this but it’s for ME as well. Making wellness a priority in my own life is only going to make me a better wife and mom – and a happier & healthier one at that!

What Being A Boy Mom Taught Me About Faith

I’ll admit it, when I found out I was having a son with my first pregnancy I was overjoyed at the thought of all my future children having a big brother to look after them, but suddenly I realized… I have no idea how to raise a boy. I started to think about all the things that as a very girly girl, I never quite got into. Playing in the dirt… Collecting dinosaurs and trucks… Wrestling relentlessly…

Surviving Rainy Days with Little Kids

In Florida, the weather is often extremely unpredictable. There is one thing that we can almost always count on though and that is that right when the weather is starting to get a little less humid we end up in hurricane season and that means that our glorious days of heading to the pool every afternoon come to a halt for a few weeks. This week we were stuck indoors due to the rain and wind, but we’re dreaming of brighter days back in the water, however we are staying entertained with these adorable toys from Little Tikes.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream, Mama

I had dreams. Like most of us growing up, I had tons and tons of dreams. Plans to be a published editorial writer with a column all my own and a following of people who I could chat with. Getting the chance to travel and photograph everything along the way – sharing with my audience my tips and tricks and what got me through. Making memories all while making a living. That was what I wanted… Then I got a little older, and I fell more and more in love with Jesus and felt a strong passion to join in the ministry lifestyle. I got 3 years through school with a degree in human services/theology and my husband and I were youth pastors. Everything was going according to my plan…

At-Home Learning For Toddlers

It’s back-to-school season & I see so many mamas breathing a huge sigh of relief that now their children will be someone else’s responsibility for the majority of the day 😉 Although I don’t know what that feels like quite yet, I have been in the back-to-school mindset myself. Maybe it’s my former pre-school teacher mentality or maybe it’s just my desire for more structure in our day, but this month we are starting “school” in our home with my two year old!

New Home, New Memories

I’m sure I’m not the only mama who gets emotional about moving. Now you see, everytime we move, it’s been a positive thing – for a good reason – something to be excited about, & I always am! However, there is still always that part of me that looks back on all the memories that last home held. Of course, we will always have them as memories (& in my case pictures because you know I take a lot of those!) This week we moved into our new home, which is a major blessing to us in so many ways and I am absolutely loving it but the process definitely makes me think, reminisce, and appreciate how fast time flies.

Wading With Daddy

Before having kids, my husband and I would sit and chat – usually late at night when we couldn’t sleep – about the days when we would have babies & how much fun it would be to watch them learn new things, pick up special hobbies, and join us in this crazy thing called life. One of the first things my husband would say would be, ” I cannot wait to take them fishing!” For anyone who knows Heath in real life, you know how passionate he is about being on, in, and around the water and his dream of having his son love it just as much as he does is coming true – more so each day!

Swinging Into Motherhood With mamaRoo Baby Seat

Anyone who is a second time mom knows just HOW much you learn in that first go-at-it. It never ceases to amaze me that we are thrown into this world of motherhood with no formal training except the intuition we naturally have as women. We are incredible, aren’t we!? If you are a first time mom, trust me, it seems impossible at times and you will often wonder how you will ever be able to juggle another child, but to you I just have to say, it gets easier & you will learn so much that will help you along the way. Us mothers are ever-changing, always growing, and I swear we get stronger by the day! One of the things that I wish I would have learned earlier with Ryland is that there ARE ways to get things done… even when I felt like I had exhausted every option. This time around, my mindset is a little bit different, and that’s exactly why I’m introducing you to the mamaRoo Baby Seat!