Faithfully Beautiful

Wading With Daddy

Before having kids, my husband and I would sit and chat – usually late at night when we couldn’t sleep – about the days when we would have babies & how much fun it would be to watch them learn new things, pick up special hobbies, and join us in this crazy thing called life. One of the first things my husband would say would be, ” I cannot wait to take them fishing!” For anyone who knows Heath in real life, you know how passionate he is about being on, in, and around the water and his dream of having his son love it just as much as he does is coming true – more so each day!

Swinging Into Motherhood With mamaRoo Baby Seat

Anyone who is a second time mom knows just HOW much you learn in that first go-at-it. It never ceases to amaze me that we are thrown into this world of motherhood with no formal training except the intuition we naturally have as women. We are incredible, aren’t we!? If you are a first time mom, trust me, it seems impossible at times and you will often wonder how you will ever be able to juggle another child, but to you I just have to say, it gets easier & you will learn so much that will help you along the way. Us mothers are ever-changing, always growing, and I swear we get stronger by the day! One of the things that I wish I would have learned earlier with Ryland is that there ARE ways to get things done… even when I felt like I had exhausted every option. This time around, my mindset is a little bit different, and that’s exactly why I’m introducing you to the mamaRoo Baby Seat!

Guy Time: Hanging with Nuby

Without a doubt, my son is a daddy’s boy for sure! I love that he adores him so much & tries to copy just what he does. From the second a visitor enters our home, their first mission is to listen to Ryland point out all of “daddy’s things” in our house. To say he is proud would be an understatement! Since dad is an avid fisherman and kayak angler, Ryland is super into anything relating to the water, marine creatures, and all things BOATS!

Creating A Functional Changing Area

Diapers. Diapers galore. Before having 2 under 2 I thought I was changing a lot of diapers… little did I know my life would soon become a continual assembly line for changes & in that process I have streamlined some things in order to make the experience easy & quick for me and the babies! Today I’m sharing with you some of my tips for a functional changing area in your child’s nursery!

Whimsy Boy Style

Those who know us know our love for Disney is REAL! From first meeting my husband, we both shared this love for the magical place and it has only grown stronger over these past 6 years. We now have so much fun bringing our boys to the parks and watching the shows and movies with them. One thing that is certain is that when you go to Disney, you need to go ALL OUT. I’m talking shirts and hats and pins and autographs! Even for old timers like us, each time we go to the park it is a fun experience that we dress for and that is why I am absolutely loving these new t-shirts that we got from NBT Threads!

Stylish Summer Bags

I am a bag lady, lets just call it as we see it. I have always LOVED purses and backpacks and clutches, but since having kids, it’s been even more fun discovering new brands of diaper bags because the necessity for organization and durability is at an all time high. When I discovered Gadikat, I was instantly sold on their cute styles and the fact that the ability to keep everything organized was also at the forefront of their minds when creating their products.

Our Smarty Pants

Becoming a parent gives a whole new meaning to so many words that you always knew – yet never appreciated to their fullest potential. A NAP, although once a great mid-day break as a non-parent, has suddenly become the sanity saving hour that gets you through your sleep deprived life. Dinner time, although once one of my favorite times of the day to wind down, get in a good meal, and chat with the hubby, has become extra long minutes of bouncing a baby on one hip while catching flying spaghetti with the free hand – and if you’re lucky getting a bite in yourself before it’s cold. Smart products, although once something that was practical and useful, is now something that SAVES you from countless temper tantrums and you cannot get through the day without.

Smart (+Cute) Mommy Accessory

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I live for SMART and CUTE accessories and products for mommas. Just because we have evolved into this wonderful life stage called motherhood doesn’t mean we wish to have frumpy clothes and bags soaked in dripping bottles of milk all the time. If you are anything like me, the spills and the unorganized chaos in my bag occurs far too often, but I am DONE and it’s all with the help of this beautiful new diaper clutch from Logan + Lenora.