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What’s In My Disney Diaper Bag

We all know how much kids require for a day out. Now throw in the unexpectedness and the excitement of Disney and there is no telling what you will need! Since we have had our kids we have been to the Disney parks at least a dozen times, so I have had some experience on what works, what you need, why you need it, and what kind of bag will be the best choice. Looking for any of those tips? I’m excited to share them with you!

How To Have A Productive Mom Break

If you are like me, nap times are the only mom breaks that happen during the day & the amount of STUFF I have to cram into 2 hours (if I’m lucky!) is crazy. I have realized that when I look at nap time as a time for me to do alllll the boring things, I tend not to be as productive. Instead, I’ve changed my mindset. Nap time is ME time & I am going to maximize the potential of those few hours to be as productive as possible, while still treating myself to a well-deserved MOM BREAK.

The New PANDORA: World of Avatar

Everything Disney does is EPIC. There is simply no other word for the beauty and caredully meticulous design elemtents and state of the art technology that goes into everything they produce. Going to the Disney World parks is one of our family’s favorite activities ever! We head there for almost every special occassion from birthdays, to Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. Some of my best memories over the past 5 years as a family have been spent here & I am thrilled to show you a new series of incredible memories we just made at the brand new Pandora – World of AVATAR at Animal Kingdom!

Explore: Audubon Zoo NOLA

A day at the zoo is a day I’m in for! We love visiting local zoos as we travel and letting the kids explore each unfamiliar place with some friendly familiar animal friends. The boys seem to never get tired of watching the elephants play or the tigers roam, and I never get tired of watching their boundless energy run through the park. We were really excited to get to go to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans last week – since we had heard such amazing reviews! It certainly did not disappoint!

The Registry Item New Dads are Most Excited About

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If your husband is anything like mine, than he wasn’t as over the moon excited about registering for new baby as I was! Walking through aisles of clothes and pacifiers and bottles and breast pumps just didn’t appeal to him like my dreamlike ideals imagined it would. Of course, don’t get me wrong, he was beyond excited to be a daddy to our son, but that happiness didn’t translate to the need to shop ‘til you drop like it did for me! There was one aisle that got him really pumped though & maybe you can relate to this with your baby daddy…

Road Trip Tips For Families

Hours and hours in the car? It can seem overwhelming, but I can promise you that with some of the tips I have gathered in our travels lately – from first hand experience with two toddlers – you can definitely take that trip you have been dying to go on! I am a firm believer that there is a way to do what you want. Make it happen! It may take extra planning or sacrifices on one end or another, but I am certain that the itch you have to travel can become your reality. Here are some of my top tips for road trips with your family!

Every Adventurer Needs A Snack

It has been a whirlwind while we have been staying here in Louisiana – quite literally. More days than not the rain has been pouring down and the wind has been pretty intense, but that doesn’t take away from any of the fun and joy that my kids have been finding at this beautiful campground. As mamas, we know just how excited little ones can get about rain puddles, so we have been embracing what Mother Nature has given us and have been jumping through mud puddles and trekking through mountains of rocks.

Embracing Childhood Moments

I love being a mom. I don’t love chaos and messes, however, but each day my kids are teaching me more and more to see that these things don’t have to be negative. When we hear the word “mess” I know that most of us cringe at the thought. We strive for perfect & clean homes, beautifully organized Instagram feeds, and kids that listen to our every word. As much as we may secretly (or not so secretly) wish for those things sometimes, I want to encourage you to embrace every childhood moment – the good, the crazy, and the messy.