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Unique Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year! CHRISTMAS! I get a little crazy around the Christmas season – I’m a huge fan! The spirit of the holiday is simply unmatched and I just love getting into it with my family. I hope that you are looking forward to Christmas as much as I am! My son Ryland is finally grasping the idea of the season & now at 3 years old he now knows that he should be “expecting” gifts which is something he didn’t understand until this year. I know many of my readers also have toddlers, so I wanted to put together a gift guide of items that are unique and fun for your toddlers! Hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays!

Fueling An Adventure-Filled Lifestyle

One of my goals as a mama is to fuel my kids sense of adventure and love for the world. I think that this can be as big as taking them on vacations to show them new people and places and as small as choosing foods and snacks that properly nourish their growing bodies to withstand a day of exploration in your own backyard. All of us can find ways to inspire a greater sense of discovery in our kids. Bring them to a new park. Teach them some challenging words. Give them a new snack to try. I have always said, the love of adventure starts at home! Anyone can cultivate it, you just have to be open to trying & trust me, your kids will thank you for it!

Teaching My Kids To Give Back This Christmas

When it comes to my job as a parent, I don’t think there is much more important then teaching my kids to be generous and to joyfully give to others. I whole heartedly believe that learning to give to others is a lifestyle & something that if parents model well, kids will know to be the norm as they grow and mature. My husband and I are focused on making sure that our boys understand how lucky and blessed they truly are and how others are not always in the same place in life – but that no matter our place, we can always find ways to help and encourage.

Toddler Holiday Fashion Perfect For Playing In

There is nothing quite like having clothes that fit your lifestyle. I know, as an adult, that I value feeling not only stylish for each special occasion, but most of all I love feeling comfortable & like I am truly dressed for my role there. As kids, how much more do they value comfort and fun when it comes to their style choices!? My kids are one of a kind when it comes to how much they love their clothes and accessories. As a boy mama, I never thought I would have kids that would care so much about each detail of their outfit from their socks to their hats… but, alas, those are my kids & I love it! Their little personalities shine through and it’s amazing to watch. This holiday, I decided that we would keep it casual and we would keep it fun!

7 Things I Was Never Told About Motherhood

So, you’re pregnant!? Congrats! This is probably one of the most exciting and scary times of your life. I remember being pregnant with Ryland and feeling over-the-moon but at the same time being scared to death that I was going to enter into a new world of being a mama. I had no idea what to do, what to think, how to feel. Would my baby even like me? (Yes, I had that thought!) How hard would newborn life be? Are we ready? Can you believe it!? Literally all the thoughts are running through your head. Everyone you know congratulates you on the “best blessing of your life” and you cannot wait to hold that baby – but what happens next? So many things I had NO idea about beforehand.

Relax This Season with Cold Weather Comforts

Over the past few weeks, the cold weather has been moving in & I have to say – I am loving it! I was raised in Florida, and to us, cold is like 70 degrees, but this year I am in Tennessee for the season and the crisp breeze is super refreshing. Whenever the winter season comes around, I always get the urge to make everything in my life comfy, cozy, and special. The holidays and the weather are the perfect match for making your home or “me time” just a little more comfortable. This season I am all about soaking it in & finding ways to indulge in some extra mom time.

Why I Loved Having 2 Under 2

When people see how close in age my boys are, I usually get looks and compliments about how I must be so brave – but the fact of the matter is that I absolutely loved having my boys so close together! Having two under two is hard, but just like any age gap, there are so many pros that I found to outweigh any of the hard times. For anyone else who may be expecting another babe with a baby already at home, I hope this can help ease your nerves. I know I was looking for opinions are experiences when I was in that same boat, so here are just some of the reasons why I loved having two under two.

Easy-Peasy Meals For Toddlers

If you came here thinking I was going to tell you a bunch of awesome recipes and great ideas for making your kid’s lunches, then you obviously haven’t been around here too often. 🙂 I am a self proclaimed bad cook, but you know what, it is okay & I own it. I am able to own it because I have found so many options that make this area SO. MUCH. EASIER. in my life and that is why I get so excited to share them with you. If you are a busy mama with no time (or will) to cook your kiddos meals, then I have exactly what you need! Coming at you is the revolutionary food subscription delivery service that is geared towards kids!