Faithfully Beautiful

Every Adventurer Needs A Snack

It has been a whirlwind while we have been staying here in Louisiana – quite literally. More days than not the rain has been pouring down and the wind has been pretty intense, but that doesn’t take away from any of the fun and joy that my kids have been finding at this beautiful campground. As mamas, we know just how excited little ones can get about rain puddles, so we have been embracing what Mother Nature has given us and have been jumping through mud puddles and trekking through mountains of rocks.

Embracing Childhood Moments

I love being a mom. I don’t love chaos and messes, however, but each day my kids are teaching me more and more to see that these things don’t have to be negative. When we hear the word “mess” I know that most of us cringe at the thought. We strive for perfect & clean homes, beautifully organized Instagram feeds, and kids that listen to our every word. As much as we may secretly (or not so secretly) wish for those things sometimes, I want to encourage you to embrace every childhood moment – the good, the crazy, and the messy.

Explore: Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Bringing kids to the zoo is always a good choice. There is something so magical about being transported from everyday life into the mystical jungle filled with beasts you don’t often get to see up close and personal. Ryland & Landon are such nature lovers and so getting them in front of some beautiful animals just makes their joy levels go through the roof. We had such a blast today as we explored the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores! Their tagline is “The Little Zoo That Could” and I swear, once you go there, you will see exactly why!

My Kids Are My Cardio

As a mom, I don’t have any time for a time out. It doesn’t matter what Mother Nature wants to throw my way, I need to find a way to fight through it, but with a little help from brands that understand the issues, the solution is better than ever. I could not be more thankful for companies that seek to find ways to make women’s life easier – especially during that time of the month. U by Kotex Fitness is THAT company & I am thrilled to be able to use their new Fitness line from here on out!

Classic Toddler Spring Fashion

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I am a sucker for adorable children’s clothing. I know, as mamas, we all are! I have a special pull towards the classic brands that dressed me when I was a kid & one of my favorites for my little fella’s has always been OshKosh! They know how to dress kids and are experts at it with perfect collections for your little ones this spring time.

Wait… I Can Be Confident In A Swimsuit!?

Hey ladies – can I be real & honest here? For the last 3 and a half years straight, I have either been pregnant or nursing and that means that my body has changed and grown and shrunk and morphed more times than I would like to admit in these few years. Being confident in a bathing suit is certainly not one of my strong points. In fact, I have probably only worn one a handful of times since becoming a mama. It’s not that I’m super ashamed of my body, I just no longer had anything that fit me and worked well for my lifestyle now with two kids to chase down at the beach. In fact, I kept saying, “If I could just find a suit that fit me well, I would totally rock it!” Anyone with me?

Lamaze Toys: Baby Loved. Science Proven.

I was introduced to Lamaze shortly after Landon was born & I am so thrilled that we have had these amazing toys while he has grown up this past year. Not only are the toys soft, colorful, and all around adorable – they are SMART. Each toy is crafted with the idea that babies not only need to be entertained, but they need to be stimulated in a healthy way. I love that Landon has clung to these great gems for his entire first year & I know it’s only the beginning of our relationship with Lamaze.

Why I’m Proud To Be A Stay At Home Mom

There has been an unbelievable amount of backlash against stay-at-home moms lately. Seems like everytime I am online lately I see an article or a video about how stay-at-home moms have to defend themselevs against those who are still telling them their job is “easy” or “relaxing.” Now, I know I am speaking to the chior here because most of my audience is other mamas, but for anyone who may have stumbled upon my blog because you are looking for a way to judge us, please keep reading…