Faithfully Beautiful

3 Ingredient Chocolate Biscuit Breakfast: Camping Approved

Just say the word chocolate & I am in! That trait has been passed onto my kids as well – so in this family, we love to find excuses to have some chocolatey goodness in the morning. I also love recipes that are simple and easy and quick because who has time for big messes and shopping for long lists of ingredients? As we live and travel on the road in our RV, we don’t have much space for lots of pots and pans and if you know that feeling, then you know just how important it is to find a yummy meal that everyone loves! The spring is quickly approaching & I know that a lot of people decide to go camping and spend more time outdoors, so if that’s you, then this meal will work perfectly!

The Best of SeaWorld for Toddlers

Our family absolutely loves theme parks! As we travel, making our way to new parks is always at the top of our list. I grew up coming to SeaWorld, but we have not yet had the chance to bring our boys to the park! This winter was the perfect time to go and experience everything that the theme park had to offer! With short lines and beautiful cool weather, we totally enjoyed our day to the fullest! If you have been wondering what SeaWorld has for you and your toddlers or small children, then stay tuned! I gathered up our 4 favorite attractions that were age appropriate and incredibly entertaining!

Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes

There is something about superheroes that makes a child’s imagination just soar! Over the past year, I have seen Ryland’s love of Spiderman, Captain America, & Iron Man fuel him as he runs, jumps, and “flys!” I know that the Marvel heroes make him excited, help him to feel strong, and give him a sense of adventure. When I heard that Marvel Universe Live was coming to Tampa during the time that we would be home for the new year – I knew without a doubt that my kids would love to be a part of it! The show, held at Amalie Arena, was everything I expected and more & my boys were engaged and excited for every minute of it!

Full Time RV Living: 4 Month Update

It’s been a little over 4 months now! I cannot believe it. If you are just stumbling onto my blog let me fill you in. 4 months ago, we left our home, sold everything that didn’t fit in an RV, and started a life of travel. It was a crazy idea & we had no experience ever pulling a trailer or living away from Florida but we knew that it was a dream we wanted to accomplish. We made it happen and we couldn’t be more thrilled that we did. It has been an adventure – filled with precious memories with our kids, amazing new relationships built with friends around the country, and new zip codes we can check off the map!

Finding The Perfect Family Car

Do you dream of having a new family car? Are you constantly looking around the school parking lot wondering which vehicle would be best for you? I’ve been there, and I know just what you are feeling. As moms with growing families, the vehicle you drive is extremely important and can make your days easier or much more complicated depending on if you have a car that is meant for you or not.

What’s In My Disney Diaper Bag

We all know how much kids require for a day out. Now throw in the unexpectedness and the excitement of Disney and there is no telling what you will need! Since we have had our kids we have been to the Disney parks at least a dozen times, so I have had some experience on what works, what you need, why you need it, and what kind of bag will be the best choice. Looking for any of those tips? I’m excited to share them with you!

Sweet Home Alabama: Gulf Shores

It’s been a week since we locked up our home back in Sarasota and hit the road in this RV life full time! Life has just been an absolute whirlwind around here, but the best kind! Since we have been in Alabama since last Thursday, we have had the chance to see so many incredible places, spend so much time as a family, and eat at some of the most delicious places in town. I would say it’s been one amazing week! I’m here to fill you in on all that we have conquered this week in Gulf Shores, Alabama so that you can hit the road & join us! (Not kidding, come on! 😉 )

EAT: LuLu’s Gulf Shores, Alabama

We DID it. We made it to Gulf Shores, Alabama & we are so happy that this is the first stop on our journey! The town is absolute perfection. We are right along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico (and are joking a lot that it looks like home!) But the beaches are stunning, the weather is just right, and the people could not be sweeter. Southern hospitality at it’s finest around here. Speaking of impeccable hospitality, we had the treat of dining out at LuLu’s Gulf Shores for lunch & cannot wait to share it with you!