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Easy Boho Inspired Braided Hairstyle

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I am a lover of beautiful bold braids, texture, and lots of fun when it comes to hairstyles. I think when it comes to our hair many of us want what we don’t have. I grew up with baby fine bleach blonde hair & I never really knew how to get it to do, well… anything. I would be so envious of girls with waves and thick curls. Their hair was full and bouncy and fun, but what was mine? Even now, I know what my hair can do and can’t do and I have learned styles that give me what I’m looking for and that I can be confident in.

Confidence. That’s what I have gained through out the last few years when it comes to my hair. Instead of wishing for something I don’t have, I have embraced what I have been given. Sure, it may be thin, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock a boho-textured look!

Ever since I was in middle school, I have been taking the time to color my hair from home. Although many people may be shocked by this and assume that my hair must be damaged, think twice! There are incredible products on the market that are actually good for your hair and that keep me confident in my color since I am able to afford to keep up with it and get it done on my time. Busy life can easily get in the way, especially as moms, and can distract us from taking care of ourselves. I absolutely love that I can color my hair at home with great treatments like Schwarzkopf Keratin Color and look and feel my best without spending hours every few months at the salon.

I very rarely have strayed from the bright blonde that I have always rocked – but that’s my thing! Whether you are looking to enhance the color you’ve got or completely change it up for the new season, Schwarzkopf Keratin Color has a color you will fall in love with! I personally used, Silky Blonde. It was super easy to apply. The process of applying only took about 10 minutes (including the pre-treatment) and then I waited 30 mins for the color to set in, then rinsed!

Now onto the tutorial. Once my hair is colored, it feels so silky and beautiful and it’s the perfect time to create something new. This is really easy to do & I encourage you to try it until you get it how you like it!

Grab the top section of your hair like you’re pulling it up into a half up – top knot.

Start French braiding down about halfway and secure.

Do the same for smaller sections to the left and right.

Pull the braids apart so they have that loose and messy look.

Now, take the bottom of the three braids and pull them together into a messy bun.

From here, you can curl or leave it how it is! Totally customizable to your liking!

Be sure to pick up Schwarzkopf Keratin Color next time you are at Walmart and I even have a great offer for you: TRY ME FREE REBATE!

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