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Easy-Peasy Meals For Toddlers

If you came here thinking I was going to tell you a bunch of awesome recipes and great ideas for making your kid’s lunches, then you obviously haven’t been around here too often. 🙂 I am a self proclaimed bad cook, but you know what, it is okay & I own it. I am able to own it because I have found so many options that make this area SO. MUCH. EASIER. in my life and that is why I get so excited to share them with you. If you are a busy mama with no time (or will) to cook your kiddos meals, then I have exactly what you need! Coming at you is the revolutionary food subscription delivery service that is geared towards kids!

Thanks so much to Nurture Life for sending us these meals to try out!

My wonderful husband has taken over the task of cooking for our family, but the problem is that our toddlers are getting pickier and pickier by the day! They want what they want, when they want it! Nights that we have chicken planned, they want pasta. When we have beef planned, they want rice… It’s a never ending cycle. In order to get my kids to eat (anything!) I not have the best solution!

This week, we received a subscription from Nurture Life, filled to the brim in a refrigerated box with toddler-approved meals. The boys were really excited knowing that these were perfectly portioned meals that they could eat on their terms! This also saves me fro making two different lunches each day when they can’t decide on something together.

The best part is that the meals are good for them – but they totally don’t know it! They are fresh, wholesome, and organic and delivered to your door. I cannot think of a better scenario than that! My kids LOVE mac and cheese – as I’m sure yours do as well – but they had no idea that this mac had caliuflower in it. YEP, no idea! They ate it just as fast as I served it to them.

You can reheat in the oven or microwave – depending on your time or preference. I got to pick the meals off their menu that I thought they would enjoy & so far all 4 of the meals that they have tried, they loved! I took a bite too & I;m not even joking when I say the food tastes better than what I can cook. Don’t be fooled because it is geared towards kids – this is overall just GOOD food.

If you have kids from as little as just starting their first solids – all the way to teenagers, then this subscription service has something for you! I have a feeling that we will be using this for quite a while & I ain’t mad about it!

Check out their MENU & see what Nurture Life has to offer!

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