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Embrace the Swaddle

If you have ever been a mother to a newborn, then you know the coveted and skillful art that is the swaddle. When Ryland was first born and the lovely nurses in the hospital were teaching us how wrap him up all tight and snuggly, all my husband & I could think of was how he looked like a burrito. That’s when the name “Rylito” came to be and we still call him that to this day! LOL. This time around when I went into the hospital to have baby Landon, I brought with me my new obsession, this AMAZING muslin blanket from XOVE Baby.


My Landon has been attached to this blanket from day one and we are loving it. It’s so soft and lightweight. He never feels too hot when he’s wrapped up in this gorgeous swaddle and it’s large enough that we lay it on the floor and he has plenty of space to lay out and look around! We are truly loving it!


I also love what XOVE Baby stands for:

The mission of XOve™ goes hand in hand with our slogan: “Nurturing the joys of life with HUGS, KISSES, and LOVE!” Children are the true joys of life! Every child deserves a sense of comfort. For that reason every order placed at XOve will result in the donation of one brand new product to a child in need. With your support we can make a difference.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 4.41.49 PM

This is a great company owned by awesome and compassionate people! I highly suggest you take a look at their beautiful products! Take a look at all their muslin swaddle blankets here!

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