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Embracing Childhood Moments

I love being a mom. I don’t love chaos and messes, however, but each day my kids are teaching me more and more to see that these things don’t have to be negative. When we hear the word “mess” I know that most of us cringe at the thought. We strive for perfect & clean homes, beautifully organized Instagram feeds, and kids that listen to our every word. As much as we may secretly (or not so secretly) wish for those things sometimes, I want to encourage you to embrace every childhood moment – the good, the crazy, and the messy.

I have loved this opportunity to partner with Huggies and Family Dollar on their #HugTheMess campaign. The idea that we can embrace the messy times with open arms and find the joy and the beauty in them is exactly what I hope we can all do as mamas. We can be so hard on ourselves as parents. Let’s realize that none of us have it altogether. We each have times where we think we are doing it completely wrong, but that isn’t the case at all. Not even a little!

Kids will be kids. But they will only be kids for a time. I think often about the future. Maybe you are like me… I think about how it will be when my kids sleep through the night, when they can dress themselves, when they can get their own cereal (and actually eat it without spilling a bowl of milk all over the floor)… Although I know those times will have their own happy and challenging times, I also know how important it is to LOVE and EMBRACE – in a way, HUG – the messes that they create now.

Landon is my mischievous baby. He finds ways – between his cute little chuckles – to make giant messes wherever he can. Living in a small space, we try to keep our things as organized as possible, but does Landon like that plan? Not a chance. After we picked up our Huggies diapers and wipes from Family Dollar, we came home and I neatly packed them into their changing basket. Within seconds, Landon was having a free for all with it all.

These are the times that can make or break. Trust me, I have my days where the messes pile up and they seem like too much to handle. But then I see these smiles. I watch the joy on his face as he plays. I took this time to enjoy a few minutes of one-on-one laughter with my baby – and I don’t regret it for a second!

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Do you have any memories of a time where you stopped to #HugTheMess?

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