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Encouraging Sibling Bonding

Siblings. It’s truly one of the craziest love-hate relationship that most have. As a mama of two boys only a year and a half apart, I witness this back and forth all day long – and it can be exhausting sometimes, but what I have learned is that there are ways to encourage fair play and sibling bonding throughout that day that can strengthen their relationship and their ability to get along. No matter how close or far apart in age your kiddos are, I am certain you will be able to apply a few of these tips into your daily routine & watch them flourish! I promise, your mama heart will melt watching them bond.

This post has been sponsored by Incredibundles, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Introduce something new.

You know how anytime something new enters the house, even if it’s a cardboard box, all the kids seem to flock to it!? Utilize that momentum! Bring a new activity into the house that both (or all, if you have more kids) will be interested in checking out. This is the perfect time for them to inquire and be curious together. Be sure to encourage them to respect each other and to share the activity.

Have them read books.

Books are universal and they transcend age gaps! Ryland has books that he has loved since he was just months old that we still read and now Landon loves them too. It’s so fun to watch them pile up some books and “read” to each other while pointing out pictures and turning the pages. This is an activity that all kids love – young or old – so making quiet time together with siblings, a sippy, and a good book is a great way to encourage friendship in them.

Encourage Indiviuality

Not every toy, activity, or game is going to be for every kid. I always let my kids know that they can either play the same way or they can do it another, maybe unconventional way. There isn’t a right or wrong way to play. If Landon wants to use a toy car as an airplane… go for it! Letting them use their imagination and find toys and activities that they are drawn to is so important. I have noticed that the more I allow each of my kids to be themselves, the more they can sit and play with each other without arguing or fighting.

We got an awesome curated Incredibundles box sent to us & it was the perfect way to encourage everything I spoke about above! My kids are so excited when this gorgeous and fun box shows up in the mail & it’s truly like Christmas morning watching them tear through it and find all the new toys and activities inside. This particular box we created had a mix of plush toys and books – which my kids are loving at the moment. With plenty of new stories for them to dive into and animals and puppets to help them act out the drama, they really had a blast together. I also love the fact that with Incredibundles you are not limited to a certain toy, theme, or box. Everything can be customized to showcase all your kid’s individual personalities!

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    We’ve heard so many good things about these boxes!


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    I love what you said about the books. My 10 month old and 3 year old love when i read to them!


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