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Explore: Audubon Zoo NOLA

A day at the zoo is a day I’m in for! We love visiting local zoos as we travel and letting the kids explore each unfamiliar place with some friendly familiar animal friends. The boys seem to never get tired of watching the elephants play or the tigers roam, and I never get tired of watching their boundless energy run through the park. We were really excited to get to go to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans last week – since we had heard such amazing reviews! It certainly did not disappoint!

After the storm in NOLA all those years ago, the zoo has undergone renovations and has recently reopened to the public. It is strikingly beautiful and as we walked around you can just see the amazing detail that was put into it all! We loved every minute of getting to explore Audubon! In fact, we thought we had seen all that the zoo had to offer and were almost ready to call it a day – when we discovered an entire section of the park we had not even visited yet! Insane. This zoo is massive and has everything you could want! A playground. Animal exhibits. A waterpark. A train ride. Shows. And even the coolest little waterfall/splash pad (that was the kid’s favorite part!)

We HIGHLY recommend Audubon Zoo if you are ever in the New Orleans area. It’s a must do for sure.

We even made a fun video of our day! Check it out!

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