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Explore: LEGOLAND Florida

Theme parks are our jam. We absolutely love getting the chance to spend the day exploring and watching the kids just have an absolute blast. I have to be honest though. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been to a theme park that was new to me! I had just as much fun as the boys since I was able to experience LEGOLAND for the first time with them. We didn’t know what to expect. Would it be good for toddlers? Fun for the whole family? Worth the whole day? I can definitely say that we were beyond thrilled with the time we got to spend here so I want to share it with you!

Thank you to LEGOLAND for the tickets so we could experience the park for the day!

So here’s for some of my questions before we entered the park and maybe you have some of the same ones! I hope this can help you plan your LEGOLAND day!

Is it toddler friendly?

100% – I was blown away at how much there was to do for the little kids. The park is divided into different themed sections and in every single part there is a play area that is great for 2+ and there were plenty of rides, like small trains, that parents could bring babies or toddlers are. All in all, there was SO much there to do for both my boys. In fact, Ryland’s favorite part was getting to drive his very own lego car all on his own! It was actually super sweet getting to watch him do this all by himself – he was super proud.

Are there attractions for older kids or adults?

Absolutely! Although we didn’t spend much time in these attractions, there were so many cool things! Plenty of roller coaster and larger rides that thrill seekers would just love!

Is the waterpark a separate park?

This is where I was initially confused, so if you are like me and are wondering… NO! It isn’t a separate park. It’s a whole waterpark inside of LEGOLAND which is amazing for these hot summer days. There is so much to do here that we didn’t even get a chance to visit the waterpark unfortunately since the boys were having such a blast riding rides and playing on playgrounds so we will have to come back again super soon!

Is it worth is to make the drive from Orlando?

We are currently staying in Orlando, and many people are when they come to visit theme parks in Florida but I have to say – this was totally worth it! The drive was very quick (in fact I didn’t even have to get on the interstate!) and we had such a good time as a family. I would recommend spending two days at the park if you can swing it since there is so much to do. Like I said, I wish we would have had the chance to visit the waterpark but we didn’t even get to everything there was to offer in the main park! Amazing! There is nothing better than visiting a park that keeps you entertained and busy for the whole day. Next time, I would love to visit the hotel and spend a few days at LEGOLAND. Their beautiful hotel right on the property looks like a kid’s dream as well.

Have you been to LEGOLAND? How did you like it!?

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    How fun! We went a while ago and I just couldn’t remember if it was good for toddlers! Now I know and need to take the kids!


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      Totally is! Your kids would have a blast!!


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