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Fall & Winter Baby Essentials

Give me allllll the baby things! There is just something about baby products, clothes, and accessories that make moms swoon. I swear, once we are expecting, it seems to be the only thing we care about shopping for anymore! I had 2 babies under 2 and even though they are grown up & full blown toddlers now, I still love sharing tips with expecting ladies about the best products to get you ready for this new bundle! If you have (or will have) a babe at home this fall + winter, then you should definitely take a look at these baby basics and essentials!

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With so much on the market, it can be tough to navigate through. I bought and tried out probably 5 different diaper creams until I found one that I truly believed in with my first son. With the aisles full to the brim with choices, how do you know what you should test first? This is why I love sharing some of my tried and true brands with ya’ll, because at least you can blame me if they don’t work for you! 😉 I swear though. These are the bomb – trust me!

Osh Kosh – Baby B’Gosh

Did you grow up wearing Osh Kosh overalls? Because I am pretty sure that I did! Every single baby or toddler needs a pair of these in their life! Think of all the pumpkin patch, Santa’s lap photo opps you have with these! I mean, the heart eyes, come on! Osh Kosh Baby B’Gosh has and always will be one of our go-to clothing brands because the fabrics are super soft and sweet. They carry sizes up to 5t so all the babes can be this stylish! You can even save 20% off your $40+ purchase online when you use the code: OKBG3352 or in store with retail code: 036992!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Jar

THIS. This is the stuff, guys! As I mentioned earlier, I was so lost as a new mama & my son had super sensitive skin and a diaper area that just wouldn’t seem to quit. I was trying everything that we were given at the baby showers and grabbed a few things off the shelf myself, but until our pediatrician recommend Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, nothing would work! Now, I recommend this to everyone and love the large jar that is so easily accessible in their room. I cannot believe how effective it is without the harsh chemicals that so many others come with. We totally love it & trust that diaper rash cannot stand up to the Butt Paste!

Playtex Nursing Bra Collection

Fall & winter is all about cute and comfy styles! I don’t think there should be any discrimination from outer to under garments when it comes to that mantra. As a new mom, nothing eases your mind more than knowing that feeding baby will be a breeze. With the Playtex Nursing Bra, you won’t have to worry about a thing. When you have layers on, you need a bra that works WITH you and your baby’s ability to feed – not against the process making it harder for you both. The front adjustable clasps are perfect for that. And (TMI) but you know how your boobs are totally changing size by the month, day, hour!? Well, Playtex has also designed this fit to span two cup sizes and one band size so you can make it work accordingly.


I think this is the product I never knew I needed – but am so thankful to have! I am thrilled to add this into the mix because every mama knows (or eventually will know) the struggle of pushing a stroller in the rain! You just don’t realize how hard its going to be until it happens. Now, however, we can all be prepared and ready to conquer anything this autumn and winter weather wants to throw our way! The Mumbrella is totally hands free and is great for protection against the rain or just the sun. Everyone needs a stroller umbrella in their life – it’s a necessity! Use the code BABBLEBOXX for free shipping when you visit them online.

Mustela: Hydra Bébé ® Body Lotion

Here we go again with another one of the best products ever – just ever! Not every brand is created equal & there are always going to be imposters, but Mustela is just up there, holding it’s place high above the rest. I have never tried a product I didn’t love from their collection. The Hydra Bébé ® Body Lotion is so moisturizing that I wouldn’t put anything else on their skin. Did you know it even preserves baby skin’s cellular richness? That soft baby skin – protect that! It’s the best thing. Some baby lotions are full of scents, colors, characters to make you want to buy them, but I urge you to check what’s inside. Mustela is hypoallergenic and 97% made from natural origin. Use code BABBLEBOX17 for 20% off at

Vichy – Mineral 89

Feeling glamorous is usually not the first thing on your mind when you have a new baby, but there are easy ways to incorporate that feeling & self care into your new (crazy) schedule with a newborn. One of my favorite things is to do something good for my skin, because it only takes a half second to do, but the results last & I know that I am doing something positive for my body! The Vichy Mineral 89 face moisturizer is super luxurious & the perfect way to wind down before heading into those few hours of precious sleep. It’s incredible for strengthening skin against internal and external aggressors, like pollution and stress! Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water from the French Volcanoes is at the heart of the serum. I told you… super luxurious!! Try it for 20% off and free shipping with the code BabbleBoxx (Offer Live: 9/1/2017-11/30/2017).

Land’s End: Diaper Bag

Every mama needs a cute diaper bag. One that is durable, light weight, and allows for easy access to all the many things we need to keep inside. I absolutely love trying out different bags and this Land’s End one is awesome! It is super cute & I love the light and bright color – especially since I wear so many dark colors in the winter, it will be a beautiful contrast. Also, this bag has large straps that easily allow for throwing over my shoulder and the adjustable webbed strap is designed to loop around a stroller handle. Bags with options are great for mamas. You never know the circumstance you may be in, so having something that works for you is ideal.

I hope you got some good ideas from this fall + winter baby basics roundup! These are some great options to grab for yourself, add to your registry, or purchase for a baby shower gift this season! With the coupon codes and deals offered from the brands above – it’s a great time to test them out!

What would you say is a fall & winter baby essential?

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    These all look like great essentials!! I love that diaper bag!


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    These are all great! Cetaphil is a big one for us to keep the kids’ skin moist. Can’t find anything that works as good


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    I need it all!!


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