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Finding The Perfect Family Car

Do you dream of having a new family car? Are you constantly looking around the school parking lot wondering which vehicle would be best for you? I’ve been there, and I know just what you are feeling. As moms with growing families, the vehicle you drive is extremely important and can make your days easier or much more complicated depending on if you have a car that is meant for you or not.

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My needs for a car has changed a lot over the past few years. I went from having a teeny PT Cruiser to now having a truck because our lifestyles have evolved so much over the past few years. Finding the perfect car is all about the research you do. Starting with is the best bet to getting all the info that you need about each make and model.

When figuring out what you need, think about the practical needs before your wants. How many car seats do you need to fit in there? Is there a stroller that you take in and out on a regular basis? Do you need to pull your trailer, like we do? When you figure out the NEEDS before the WANTS then you know that you are doing your research right & that the perfect car will surely be right before your eyes.

Sometimes searching online can be tricky. Who do you trust? We have had some pretty horrible car dealership experiences – even one time when the salesman gave us the completely WRONG specs to a car – which could have been extremely dangerous when we went to tow our RV with a truck that technically shouldn’t ne pulling it. is the best place to go for honest and real information. They know their stuff and will give you the proper car information, but they also have reviews that you can browse and see if families love the car as much as you think you wil!

Are you in the market for a new car?

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