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Fueling An Adventure-Filled Lifestyle

One of my goals as a mama is to fuel my kids sense of adventure and love for the world. I think that this can be as big as taking them on vacations to show them new people and places and as small as choosing foods and snacks that properly nourish their growing bodies to withstand a day of exploration in your own backyard. All of us can find ways to inspire a greater sense of discovery in our kids. Bring them to a new park. Teach them some challenging words. Give them a new snack to try. I have always said, the love of adventure starts at home! Anyone can cultivate it, you just have to be open to trying & trust me, your kids will thank you for it!

There are three things that go through kid’s minds pretty continually – especially younger kids like mine. Those are, sleep, eat, and play! I love that their little innocent lives only have those few concerns & we have such an incredible job as parents to fulfill and expand upon those in even greater ways. In this family, we believe in playing hard, sleeping great, and eating well. I mean, what else do you need to live an adventurous life? You cannot, however, have one without the other – the work seamlessly. My kids have the playing and sleeping down pat – thank goodness! But, they often struggle with wanting to eat the foods we give them.

As all toddlers do, my kiddos pick through their food and snacks and change their minds pretty regularly about what they will and won’t eat. I try to bring in new foods and flavors that they can try to hopefully find something they will enjoy, that is easy to carry in bags and grab and go scenarios, & something that is nutritious. We all know that kids tend to gravitate towards the things less likely to be good for their growing little bodies & mama is trying to avoid that afternoon toddler sugar crash. So, I turn towards products that I know and that I already love to use. Brand loyalty is important to me. When I find something that I enjoy and can trust, I go back and back and back.

I have introduced all different kinds of Happy Family products on my blog before & I know through feedback from my readers that you all enjoy them too! Something new that I have been bringing with us on our adventure days are the Happy Kid Fruit & Oat Bar in Apple and Cinnamon! I feel like this is a great fall flavor too – I am a sucker for all things apple in the chilly season. These Happy Kid Fruit & Oat Bars combine oats and milled flaxseeds with real organic dates and other fruits. It doesn’t get much better than that. But, oh wait, it does… There is also no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, is non-GMO & Gluten-free. There are more flavors too, like Banana and Chocolate + Blueberry and Raspberry. I cannot wait for the boy’s to try them as well.

Real ingredients. Really good flavor. Kid approved. Mom approved. Adventure seeker approved.

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