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Full Time RV Living: 4 Month Update

It’s been a little over 4 months now! I cannot believe it. If you are just stumbling onto my blog let me fill you in. 4 months ago, we left our home, sold everything that didn’t fit in an RV, and started a life of travel. It was a crazy idea & we had no experience ever pulling a trailer or living away from Florida but we knew that it was a dream we wanted to accomplish. We made it happen and we couldn’t be more thrilled that we did. It has been an adventure – filled with precious memories with our kids, amazing new relationships built with friends around the country, and new zip codes we can check off the map!

We are currently in Georgia, which is our 4th state on this journey. I wanted to answer some questions that people have been asking me since we left and fill you in on some of the details of being a full time RV family.

The kids absolutely love this life. We never even had one question of “when can we go home?” or anything of that nature. They took to it like champs and are thriving in the adventuring department. They love pulling up to a new campsite, helping us set up (by pulling out all their outdoor toys), and meeting the neighboring RVs around us.

As far as the tiny space goes, it hasn’t affected us – almost at all! I know most people may think this is the hardest part & I was that way too. I didn’t know if we would be able to fit everything, or if we would be super cluttered and unorganized, or just feel like we have cabin fever being secluded to such a small area. To put things in perspective, our RV is 250 square feet. That’s smaller than most people’s living rooms in America… That fact alone is pretty insane, HOWEVER, we did buy an amazing camper that is laid out perfect for us. We have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and our living space – so we still feel like everyone has their own place to be, which was #1 for me. As far as stuff goes, yes… we got rid of a lot, but we also STILL have space inside our camper for more (even with running 3 businesses out of it and 2 kids!)

I also wanted to share some products that I feel like many people may not know about or have as their top priority when living or traveling in an RV, but that have essential for us! We did so much research before we left & now I want to be able to pass on some information to others who may be searching for insight as well.

1. GelPro Mat

This mat is a lifesaver. Comfort is so important when you are living and traveling in a small space because without feeling cozy and like home – the space can get cold and bland fast. We have never felt like we are living in a vehicle (lol!), but that is because we spruced up the space with comforts that make everyday living just a little bit better. Our Gel Pro mat is insane with how amazing it feels beneath your feet. I love that it is durable and strong, since we are in and out of the space all day everyday and it can be easily cleaned and taken care of. Standing on it to do the dishes or cook dinner has been incredible!

2. weBoost

I actually can say with all honesty that we would not have been able to do this journey without this product! We work from our camper. This is how we are able to travel and do what we love. Our livelihood is tied to Internet and phone service & unfortunately as you travel, you can run into some places that it is virtually nonexistent to find. The weBoost has saved us on so many occasions. weBoost is a cellular signal booster so that we can connect much easier than without it. It was great the first 2 months when it gave us rocking fast data on our phones, but it became a god-send when we got to Georgia. When we arrived, our phones straight up said “no service.” I was in panic mode because I cannot work and live without it. When we set up the camper and were able to get the antennae up, our phones boosted to 2 bars of service – which means YAY! We are in business. I cannot stress to you how important this is to have for anyone who is going to be traveling!

3. QuickZip Sheets

I have shown these to my readers before, but if you haven’t seen them then I’m giving you another chance because they are that awesome. It is notoriously annoying to change bunk bed sheets…now throw in the fact that you are in a tiny RV bedroom and making the bed can become impossible. I love our Quick Zip sheets that allow me to simply and easily unzip the top layer, throw it in the wash, and zip on another. You guys, you need to check them out! Not only for RV living, but everyday life! We use ours on the bunk beds in the boy’s room but also on our bed in the master as well. Without this, I don’t know how I would be able to change the sheets on my own because the space simply doesn’t allow for the maneuverability. Thankful for these, for sure!

I absolutely love talking about our life and giving advice to anyone who is looking to do the same thing, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me and ask ask, ask, away! I look forward to sharing more with you!! Thanks for following along and supporting our journey!

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