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Giving The Gift of Family Ancestry

I have been curious for a very long time about what my family make up is. I know, generally, where we came from, but isn’t there something always inside of you wanting to know more? I have loved that in today’s world, finding out the answers can be so very simple and easy for us to do! This Christmas, I wanted to gift my family the gift of family ancestry – knowing where we came from & what makes us, us!

Teaching our kids about who they are has been super fun already! Ryland knows that his daddy is Fillippino and he talks about it a lot – which is adorable! In the future, I plan on getting their samples read too, so that we can see exactly which percentage of what they received in their DNA. However, for this year, my husband and I will be doing it just for us! It still gave us a great conversation starter with our kids about how everyone in the world is a little bit different, but how that is what makes it so great!

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I know that for many of us, the holidays bring back memories and make us nostalgic. We remember those Christmases years ago with grandparents and stories about their lives and childhood memories. I absolutely love looking back on not only my life, but my parents and grandparents as well. There is so much to learn and understand from hearing their stories. I hope that my kids learn to love those conversations as much as I do.

Working with 23andMe has been a breeze so far! Here’s how it works:

1) Order your 23andMe kit.

2) Follow the instructions to spit into the tube and register your sample. Then mail it back to the lab in the prepaid package.

3) In 6-8 weeks, you will be sent an email to let you know your reports are ready in your online account.

I think that the key to bringing people together is learning that we have so many similarities, but also so many differences. When we can learn to embrace those two facts together, we can begin to see each other in a better light. This season, why not have your family more connected? The 23andMe kits not only explain to the individual who they are, but to the family as a whole more about where they come from! For instance, I’m sure my brother would love to know my results – because it gives him more insight into his own makeup as well!

This holiday, give a gift that’s truly personal —the opportunity to learn more about what makes you unique and to form a deeper connection with your family through genetic information.

Order yours now!

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    This is really intriguing!! I can’t wait to find out what I’m made up of!


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