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Explore: Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Bringing kids to the zoo is always a good choice. There is something so magical about being transported from everyday life into the mystical jungle filled with beasts you don’t often get to see up close and personal. Ryland & Landon are such nature lovers and so getting them in front of some beautiful animals just makes their joy levels go through the roof. We had such a blast today as we explored the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores! Their tagline is “The Little Zoo That Could” and I swear, once you go there, you will see exactly why!

Thanks so much for having us join you today, Gulf Coast Zoo!

If you haven’t been to Gulf Shores, let me fill you in. We are in a beautiful beach town filled with top of the line seafood restaurants and beautiful white sand beaches. So, you can imagine how surprised I was to see that directly across the street from the hustle and bustle of the beach vacationers there was a little zoo nestled in. From the road, it is super deceiving and we almost missed it. I honestly thought, how much can their be back there!? (So if you are visiting the area and are thinking the same things, KEEP READING!)

We headed in & instantly were transported to the beauty of the foliage that is so well done here. From the moment you walk in, you can hear the chirping of the birds and see wildlife all around you. We hadn’t made it even t 30 seconds before Ryland spotted the lemurs & the tiny alligators. I knew this spot was gonna be a winner and keep us entertained most of the afternoon. I was certainly right about that! Despite it’s small size, this zoo had SO much more than I expected and plenty to see and do. Well worth your time, especially with kids.

I knew that there would likely be some birds and reptiles, but I wasn’t expecting to see all the animals we did. There were lions, tigers, camels, goats, baboons, peacocks, and so many more! It was also super cool to be able to feed the petting zoo animals with the provided food. Heath, Ryland, and Landon all got in on the action and there were so many laughs as we watched the donkeys try and push their way towards us to get their treats.

Apart from looking around at the animals, there was a place to eat, as well as a gift shop, an indoor reptile area, and a bird encounter. Like I said, this really is the little zoo that could. I absolutely love that they call themselves that because their size did not keep us from having some BIG fun!

I’m thankful for days with family, exploring new places, and watching my kid’s imagination run wild. Next time you are near Gulf Shores, Alabama you need to consider checking out the zoo!

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