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Every year I try and implement new changes into my life that will help me get to new levels, achieve new dreams, and make progress to a better and happier life. I am a hige believer that not everything you do needs to be HUGE. Small changes can make some of the biggest impacts on our lives & we don’t always give them enough credit. Instead of focusing on how how large the overall dream is, why not focus on how you can make a step closer, one day at a time! I wanted to share with you a few ways in which I have changed things around so that I can achieve bigger and better things. I hope you’ll join me this year on this journey!

My kids and I do most things together, they are definitely my sidekicks, so all of us together have been doing things a littler differently already this new year & they are so easy and don’t even sacrifice any fun or happiness! All things I care about deeply!

Learn something every day.

For my kids, this has definitely been fun to start with them. We work on “school” each day and I;m watching them learn their numbers, letters, and new songs. I cannot get enough of watching them flourish!

Be grateful instead of resentful.

My husband & I are working on this for sure! Sometimes, things happen. Recently for us, there have been a lot of repairs needing to be done in our tiny home & instead of focusing on the challenges, we are focusing on being grateful for what we have and what we are able to do – travel as a family. Simple mind shifts can really change your life.

Trade out the bad for better options.

Ice cream is my absolute favorite treat!! I used to think there was no way I would find something that I could find just as good – but that was better for me. But, we found it! It’s Breyers® delights from BJ’s and it is the bomb! Made with high quality ingredients, it will leave your taste buds in disbelief that it’s 330 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint. Everyone in my family loves it & we have been having some fun bonding time over ice Breyers, even in this cold weather!

I love that I have the ability to set my kids up for success & watching them do so well with their new years tasks have inspired me to be better as well!

Check out your local BJ’s to find Breyers delights!

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