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Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes

There is something about superheroes that makes a child’s imagination just soar! Over the past year, I have seen Ryland’s love of Spiderman, Captain America, & Iron Man fuel him as he runs, jumps, and “flys!” I know that the Marvel heroes make him excited, help him to feel strong, and give him a sense of adventure. When I heard that Marvel Universe Live was coming to Tampa during the time that we would be home for the new year – I knew without a doubt that my kids would love to be a part of it! The show, held at Amalie Arena, was everything I expected and more & my boys were engaged and excited for every minute of it!

My first hesitation with any typs of show or theatre setting is worrying about if my toddlers will want to sit for the length of the show. I’ve got some busy boys, and I am sure you do too, so two 40 minute sessions of live show may make you a little nervous. To this, I have to say – Do not worry! The atmosphere is so kid friendly & everyone in the arena is there with high spirited children who cannot wait to see their favorite characters on the stage. There is no need to make sure they are quietly sitting still, in fact, all the kiddos in our section (including my own) were excitedly jumping and pointing and yelping every time some intense action took place. It was such a fun atmosphere and something that definitely should not worry any parent wanting to bring their kids to the show. It was MADE for them & the everyone from the staff to the other attendees were all kind and understanding of all the children’s joy and excitement.

Now, onto the show!

I have to admit, I don’t know much about the backstories of the characters. I am learning with my boys as they watch and read about these fun superheroes. I loved that this Live show gives background to the characters, it sets each scene, and makes a story line of it’s own. I never felt like I didn’t understand what was going on. The show is like a movie in itself, where each character is introduced and the story is told in a way that even my 3 year old could follow along. We loved how they integrated so many different characters from varying stories into one! This meant that Ryland got to see all of his favorites work together to save the day.

Marvel Universe Live is ACTION PACKED! This is a show for the thrill junky – and I think that is why my kids were so engaged! There are fireworks and smoke and motorcycles and fight scenes. Everything you love about the comics and the movies, but right in front of your eyes.

I asked Ryland what his favorite part was and he said, “I really liked Groot because he was so big! And I liked Captain America when he rode the motorcycles. That was cool. Spiderman was funny cause he kept saying “woooooo” and would fly around!”

If you have been considering the show for your superhero loving kids, I could not recommend this enough!

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