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My 2018 WORD Of The Year + Reader Survey

Happy New Year! I cannot believe how fast this year flew by, but that also seems like everyone is feeling the same way. So much happened in 2017, but also, where did the time go!? This past year was one of immense growth & building. I didn’t choose a word for last year, however if I look back I think it would have to be hustle. We worked really hard to achieve many of our dreams & we worked to survive. This year, I am piggybacking off of the success and lessons learned from this past year and I am looking forward to bigger and better things. This year my word for 2018 is THRIVE.

Deep in my spirit, I have had such an excitement for this new year. For the past few months, I felt like my family & I have been preparing ourselves for BIGGER and more exciting adventures and accomplishments this year and I simply cannot wait.

As many of you know, 2017 was big for us. We sold everything we owned, traded our car in for a truck and bought an RV. It’s been 9 months of living full time on the road and we have lived in 6 states so far. It was an adjustment – but an amazing one. People keep asking us when we are stopping & to be honest, I don’t have an answer for that yet. We are loving every minute of it and still have SO many states to get to! Taking that leap took a lot of faith though & since we work 100% for ourselves, it left us with some challenges and scares in the financial department. We built. We built a lot. We built my blog up to be a full time income for me & we build my husband’s company to places I couldn’t have dreamed of. We started a vinyl decal business in our camper and my husband got marketing consulting jobs that have been incredible for him & his talents.

We worked. Hard. We hustled. I am by no means saying that is stopping this year. In fact, the hustle will be even stronger – but this year, I am focusing on the harvest and THRIVING. We are planning big trips and even more daring adventures! We are believing that with God and the dreams He has places in our hearts, we can accomplish this. My heart is exploding with excitement & we cannot wait.

Part of what I am hoping to THRIVE even more this year is my little spot on the internet : Faithfully Beautiful. I am so thankful for everyone who comes to read my blog & follows my journey on social media. I hope I can inspire you to live your dreams and live a more simplistic and faith filled life.

I would absolutely love it you would take a minute to fill out my reader survey! It will take you 10 seconds but would help me tremendously!


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