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Relax This Season with Cold Weather Comforts

Over the past few weeks, the cold weather has been moving in & I have to say – I am loving it! I was raised in Florida, and to us, cold is like 70 degrees, but this year I am in Tennessee for the season and the crisp breeze is super refreshing. Whenever the winter season comes around, I always get the urge to make everything in my life comfy, cozy, and special. The holidays and the weather are the perfect match for making your home or “me time” just a little more comfortable. This season I am all about soaking it in & finding ways to indulge in some extra mom time.

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Zippo: Mini Flex Candle Lighter

As many of you know, currently my family & I travel full time in our RV as we tour the country and it is one of the most amazing experiences ever! There are so many pros to this lifestyle & what we get to do and see. There is also, on the other hand, some new things I had to adjust to. One of those being that so much of what we do requires a lighter now. Turing on the stove, the oven, and so on. I am always nervous to stick my hand down into the over and light or getting my hand too close to the candle when trying to light. I have the PERFECT product that my husband is still raving about! The Zippo Mini Flex Candle Lighter is amazing because it’s next moves and bends to reach those hard to reach places. No more worrying about your sleeves catching fire! Also, unlike most lighters, this one is refillable, so you can grab some extra Zippo Premium Butane Fuel and never need a new lighter! I love anything that is a good investment & saves me trips to the store last minute.

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With the change of every season I always try to reflect and see what I could be doing new + better in our lifestyle. One thing that I am always looking at is our nutrients & what we are consuming. It’s so important as a growing and active family to be sure that we are keeping our bodies strong and supported. I hadn’t heard of Zoganic until this month but it is a really great new option to get in some vitamins that we all need! Some of the benefits of drinking the yummy Zoganic powders are maintaining lower blood pressure and heart rate, promoting healthy immune system, and breaking down sugar, starches, proteins, and fats more effectively. Especially as the holidays approach, I know we all love to indulge in all the amazing foods that our families cook up – so this is something great to keep in your stock. I have been adding it to water and drinking it in the morning when I wake up for some added gut health!

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Chesapeake Bay Candle: Mind & Body Collection

Who doesn’t love a great smelling candle!? This time of year it is almost a necessity to have one burning in our place. I just love the glimmer of the fire and the aroma of a cozy and happy home. Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body collection are enriched with natural essential oils and made with soy blend wax which makes the it smell so natural and beautiful. THe crisp air paired with this delicious water lily pear candle is the perfect match. It is extremely long-lasting. I am the type of person that will light a candle all day every day and be throwing them out almost every other day because they go through the wax so quickly. It’s been over a week and mine is still burning strong, which is fabulous! I also love the jar and lid – super elegant and classy!

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Links by Lisa Becker

Something I would love to get better about is reading. It seems that as a busy working & traveling mom that I get so caught up in all the things I have to do that I rarely do some of the old things I loved to do – like just sit down & read. This new book is on my shelf to dive into this winter. It is called Links by Lisa Becker and it’s a story of second chance love. I don’t typically read stories like this, but I know that a lot of my readers do, so I figured this would be something great to share with you all. It’s a great quick read and one of those easy books that you can throw in the diaper bag or bring outside while the kids are playing. I plan on making some more me time this season & this will be one way I do that!

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Stuffy Nose Strips

What ruins the spirit of the winter season the fastest? Being sick. It’s unfortunate that the most jolly time of year has one of the biggest rate of stuffy noses and other sicknesses going around. I have never really found a good solution for the problem of trying to relax or sleep with a stuffy nose. It seems like all I could do was wait it out. I am really excited that I found these Stuff Nose Stripes because now I know that I can sleep like a baby all warm and cozy this year, even if I get the sniffles. My husband seems to be the worst sufferer in our home since he has all types of allergies so I know he will appreciate me pulling these out this winter. The strips are made to improve breathing and open airways by over 61%. Strips that go over the Nose.

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Tea Forte – Warming Joy Collection

What goes together more perfectly than a cool winter season and a hot cup of yummy tea? Honestly, not much! I wasn’t always a tea drinker & I am really picky about the types that I enjoy. One of my favorite collections of tea that I have tried recently however is the Tea Forte warming joy. It is HOLIDAYS in a mug – I swear to you! This is their annual collection of holiday teas that everyone just loves. The Warming Joy Petite Presentation Box includes 10 pyramid infusers. It is part of a collection that includes a larger Presentation Box, a Tea Chest, a Petite Tea Tree and Single Steeps-perfect measure single serve loose tea pouches. The Raspberry Ganache was my favorite one but the Winter Chai was right behind it! This is a fabulous gift to anyone in your life this holiday season!

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I hope that you were able to find some valuable new gift ideas or necessities for the winter! I love the idea of making a winter themed basket and giving it to a friend, teacher, family member, etc! This is a great invitation to unwind and take in all that the winter holiday season has to offer.

How do you like to relax & unwind in the winter?

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