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How To Make Your Summer Days Super Sweet

Summer is a blast! Summer is one of the times that absolutely everyone is looking forward to all year long, but once it’s here, are we making the best of it? Kids are out of school – but don’t let their cries of boredom stop you all from having the best summer season yet! I want to share with you some ways to make the best of each day that you can as a family this year. This summer is bound to be memorable & super sweet! Are you with me?

This post has been sponsored by Black Forest Organic, but all opinions are 100% my own!

When you have the time to spend together as a family, savor it! These are some of the best memories and I am always eager to create those times that hopefully my kids will never forget. It’s not always easy to have a carefree day with kids so I’m giving you a few tips to make that day super sweet and one your kids will LOVE.

Hype up the kids.

We are unapologetic in our excitement levels as we are bringing our kids to an activity. The more we act like it’s super special and fun, the more our kids seem to replicate that spirit and aren’t as hesitant to try something new.

Find ways to keep them engaged.

Although long naps on the beach may not be practical now that we are parents, I have learned to occupy time with engaging games and activities so that they don’t want to leave a few minutes after you arrive. Pull out toys one by one, instead of all at once so that as they get finished with one thing, there is something new to offer. Being strategic in how you schedule time and activities can really help the overall attitude of the day!

Bring a special treat.

There is nothing like a good sweet treat in the summer! My kids respond really well to getting a delicious snack while we are out and about. I love seeing their faces light up when I give them their favorite Black Forest Organic Candy!

These have been our go-to treat this summer for so many reasons. The first being that our entire family just loves gummy candies and these are way too delicious! Black Forest Organic is focused on amazing taste and simple ingredients. Just what we like! We have personally been enjoying the Organic Gummy Bears & Sour Heads, but there are even more to enjoy, so there is definitely something your family will truly crave. Candy like this is perfect for those days out in the sun. They are in individual bags, so we can throw them easily in our beach bag and go and then share as a family. Good luck trying to get the kids to share with us, but we try! 😉

What’s your favorite summer treat to bring along on all those adventures?

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