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How To Keep Your Summer Highlights All Winter Long

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I have always loved keeping my hair light & bright! There is something so refreshing about the natural sun highlights that my hair gets in the summer, but I have always wanted to keep that same look throughout the winter season. However, the sun just doesn’t do its job as well for me in the colder months and my hair tends to look more dull. I have a hair secret that I have been using since I was in middle school for those times when I want to get those light subtle highlights! Are you looking for a great way to keep some dimension in your hair that doesn’t involve a trip to the salon? Listen up!

There are so many reasons why I have used and loved Sun-In for so many years! It can be used ALL YEAR ROUND, even though think sometimes people associate it as a summer time – beach going product! If you are anything like me though, you don’t only want vibrant highlights in the warm months. Sun-In is a fast & easy hair lightening treatment that even works without the sunshine – and works with your hair dryer! It’s heat activated & Sun-In also conditions while it lightens. Now, you can see why I love this product!!

Don’t have blonde hair? That’s not a problem either! This isn’t a dye or a bleach, so anyone can use it and it will just subtly bring out your hair’s natural highlights – just like you would get after a week on a beach vacay! When I was younger, my mom (who is a brunette) would use it in her own hair and that is how I was introduced to it! Sun In’s advanced conditioning system includes botanical extracts and special illuminators that give hair an extra dose of shine. Also it is alcohol-free.

I use it all throughout the year. Sometimes when I know I’m going to be spending the whole day outside, I’ll spray it in! Other times, I add it as a spritz out of the shower and then blow-dry my hair for the day. I have never had issues with it making my hair too greasy or unmanageable – it combs and dries just great! I know that in the winter most people tend to go dark with their hair style, but I love to keep it light! If that is you as well, you should definitely give this amazing product a chance!

I pick mine up at Walmart and you can get it for yourself too! A little bit goes a long way and this is a practical and affordable way to keep your hair beautiful and bright all holiday season long.

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