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Sweet Home Alabama: Gulf Shores

It’s been a week since we locked up our home back in Sarasota and hit the road in this RV life full time! Life has just been an absolute whirlwind around here, but the best kind! Since we have been in Alabama since last Thursday, we have had the chance to see so many incredible places, spend so much time as a family, and eat at some of the most delicious places in town. I would say it’s been one amazing week! I’m here to fill you in on all that we have conquered this week in Gulf Shores, Alabama so that you can hit the road & join us! (Not kidding, come on! 😉 )

The Hangout

Last night we headed out to dinner at The Hangout and I think that anyone who is from Alabama knows about this incredible place. It makes a statement, that’s for sure! As you drive toward the beach, it draws you in. We loved every minute that we were here! We sat at a beautiful high top overlooking the water in their open-air dining area. The whole vibe is super fun & beachy and the entire night seemed like one big party. In fact, that is exactly what they are known for! Being a party!

You know when you go to a restaurant and you look at the menu and you just cannot pick one thing? That was us last night. Everything just looked so good & when we settled on a burger, pork sliders, and onion rings, we were definitely not disappointed! To me, there is honestly nothing better than dinner with a view & the Alabama breeze through their large open windows was just what we imagined this trip would be. Pure beachy bliss. Mattie, the manager, was super accommodating and our waiter Alex got us our food as quick as could be. (With kids, you know that is a miracle in a restaurant!)

The fun didn’t stop there though! In fact, we spent more time outside enjoying the many amenities that The Hangout provides than we even did eating inside. I only have one word for this awesome restaurant: Unforgettable! We stepped out into a concert- like venue with tables and chairs, lounge areas with fire pits, a FOAM party (yes you read that right), and an entire sand mountain and tunnel. A total dream destination for families. There is so much to do and my kids did not want to leave!

Gulf State Park Pier

We are loving the beaches around here in Gulf Shores. We are from a beach town, but this is totally different. Gulf State Park has been our favorite place to spend a few minutes here and there as we drive by. With piers, bridges, and lots of places to play in the sand, not only do Heath and I love looking around at the beautiful scenery, but Ryland and Landon have been loving getting to run free! I cannot brag enough about how stunning the weather is here, too! We are used to hitting the beach in complete humidity – but there is none here! (At least not by this Floridians standards!) The beaches are white and absolutely breathtaking.

Island Ice Cream Shop

I LOVE ICE CREAM. Can I shout that any louder? It’s basically my love language. I am always on the lookout for charming ice cream shops wherever we go and let me just tell you that with our family, not just any ice cream is good ice cream. (I hate to say that I may be an ice cream snob – did you know I worked at a shop for the first few years of Heath & I’s relationship!?) Anyways, Island Ice Cream & Treats was everything we were looking for. Beachfront charm – filled with beautiful artwork made by the owner herself – and delicious ice cream that we all inhaled. Landon was a super fan as he ate his own and then continued to eat his brother’s afterwards. 🙂 My man. The owner, Chelsea, was such a sweetheart & I was so glad we got to meet up!

If you are in the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach areas, definitely take some time out of your schedule to visit these fun places! I can promise you that you will not regret it one bit!

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    Everything looks amazing!!! The beach looks gorgeous and the food to die for!


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