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Target & Yogurt Pouches | Happy Family

These are some of our favorite things. Making the best of shopping trips is essential – like really essential. Making our way through Target usually involves a few open snacks and a stop in the toy aisle, before I can even get what I came in for. I know that if you are anything like me, then you probably love heading to Target (why is everything sooo good?) but with kids it can be more than you bargained for. There are a few reasons that we love going, but the friendly atmosphere and their partnership with some of my kids favorite snacks are just a few. When shopping, here are a few ways that I stay sane.

With two active little boys, I don’t have much time to browse – so I have to know what I came in for. I always make sure to have a list ready ahead of time (sometimes even just in the car in the parking lot I am writing it out). But, nevertheless, I make sure I outline all my needs so that I can get in & out fast if I need to. Of course, the boys have their good days where we take our time and have a whole lot of fun checking out all the new dollar spot items, but you just never know.

My next tip is a necessity. Have snacks ready (or head to the snack aisle first & don’t be afraid to pop open something in the store!) I swear, kids & snacks = one happy family. I am really excited that one of our favorite kid’s snack brands – Happy Family – has launched a yummy new line of yogurt for tots. The Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches are a hit!! They are made with whole milk yogurt with vitamin D & mindfully made with probiotics for those growing tummies. There are no added sweeteners and are totally non-GMO! Not to mention, the ease of a yogurt pouch is such a great invention! I love that I can throw them in my back – re-close them if they aren’t finished yet, and that my boys just eat them up!

I really love and trust Happy Family & their new launch at Target is as great as I imagined! We are thankful to have easy on the go snacks that help this mama get errands done while keeping the kiddos smiling.

Have you tried the new Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches?

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