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The New PANDORA: World of Avatar

Everything Disney does is EPIC. There is simply no other word for the beauty and caredully meticulous design elemtents and state of the art technology that goes into everything they produce. Going to the Disney World parks is one of our family’s favorite activities ever! We head there for almost every special occassion from birthdays, to Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. Some of my best memories over the past 5 years as a family have been spent here & I am thrilled to show you a new series of incredible memories we just made at the brand new Pandora – World of AVATAR at Animal Kingdom!

Thank you to Disney World for providing us with passes for the day so we could explore!

When we walked into Pandora, we truly felt like we were transported into a new world. The sights, smells, and feeling you get upon arrival – just indescribable. This is exactly what I mean when I say the Disney experience is like no other! The immersive experience makes a day that truly allows you to forget about real life and just dive into your imagination. I believe that Disney is perfect for people of all ages! Adults and kids can all find something that leaves them in awe. Pandora was no different. We walked in & the mist, sounds, and gigantic scenery put us in a place brand new!

There was everything to love about the new addition but here are some of my favorite parts about this beautiful world of adventure:

Wilderness Explorer

This is something that runs through the whole Animal Kingdom park, but I love that they brought it into the World of Avatar. This allows children to follow along in their own book, stopping at park stations, and learning facts and exploration tips along the way. Ryland loved collecting his badge stickers at each Pandora station!

Native Drum Circle

All the kids were flocking here! It was an amazing space where you can drum and make awesome music within the rocks and scenery of the flora! Heath and Ryland both had fun making tunes and climbing around the rocky scene.

Viewing and Picture Taking Space

Something that I know a lot of people have trouble with is big crowds and cramped spaces. Disney did an amazing job making sure that there is plenty of space to roam – especially with strollers – around the area, but also, there are so many little nooks to stop and take photos or just to admire the beauty of Pandora. I loved this feature! We even had a super kind employee offer to take photos of our whole family at multiple spots.

There is so much to do and see here as well! We spent tons of time exploring & even so, didn’t get on the amazing new rides that opened here. Other guests were raving about their experiences (some waiting up to 4 hours just for the chance to try it out!) The two main attractions are Avatar Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey. Both are immersive and look absolutely breathtaking! I cannot wait for another trip back to explore some more. The great thing about Disney is their Fast Pass + which allows you to get on rides quicker and easier, so we will definitely be sure to utilize that in Pandora next time.

Are you planning on taking a visit to Pandora!?

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