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Updating My Cozy Winter Wardrobe

There is simply nothing better in the world to me than being cuddled up, cozy and warm, during the winter season. I am a total fan of the fall + winter times and overall the coziness that they bring. Every year, I pull out my same old sweatpants and jackets that I’ve been wearing year after year, because my excuse is, “I’m only wearing them at home, who cares?” But this year, I decided to update my winter warddrobe and bring in pieces that make me feel great about myself, that are amazing and lasting quality, and that I am not confimed to only wearing inside my home.

I love layering pieces, especially because the weather can be so finicky and you never know when you will need some extra warmth or maybe to take off a layer as the sun starts shining brighter. Layers bring any outfit up a notch & instantly provide a little more style, function, and excitement. Cuddl Duds is the leader in adorable, well made, and extremely warm and cozy layers & I have been wearing them for years. Their clothing is comfortable enough to wear to bed or curled up by the fire, but they are flexible enough to wear for a brisk walk or maybe some yoga. The same pieces that I use for these activities, I also dress up and wear out and about during the cooler months. /p>

Now let me share with you my favorite styles that I picked up for this season in particular. I am a lover of black because it truly goes with all things, but they are not limited to black and as you can see they even have a fun new print this season: Animal! I couldn’t resist getting the Long Sleeve Hooded Wrap in the animal print. To me, animal prints are still a great neutral but bring some additional personality to any outfit. This wrap literally feels like a blanket and a robe combined, but I cannot wait to style it with some skinny jeans and high boots for a super chic look this winter.

How about a long sleeve that feels and looks like velvet? Yes please! Again, although this is an incredibly comfortable transition and layering piece, it can make a statement all on its own. One of the reasons that Cuddl Duds will always be a favorite of mine is because of the versatility. You aren’t buying athleisure wear, you aren’t buying pajamas, you aren’t buying luxury sweaters, but in a way, you are getting all of it in one! I cannot leave out every lady’s essential fall and winter staple: the leggings. Every year, I struggle with my love for leggings and the fact that all the pairs I have owned in the past were thin and didn’t keep me very warm. They look so darn cute with boots, but the wind blows right through them! Cuddl Duds solved this problem too! The Fleecewear with Stretch black leggings are EVERYTHING. They are just as comfortable (if not more) than traditional leggings but with all the extra warmth!! Go and get them at your local JCPenney – anyone else love shopping there for your whole family? Yeah. Me too!

What are your favorite staples for the fall and winter seasons? I hope you will check out Cuddl Duds because with how incredible their quality is – you will have these amazing pieces in your closet for years to come!

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    Don’t you love the legging? I plan to live in mine for the rest of the year. 🙂


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      yes yes yes yes & yes! LOL


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