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No Need to Water Juice Down When You Can Water it Up

I’m sure every mom can feel me on this one. Kids want JUICE & they usually want a lot of it. It’s important to me that throughout their super picky phases and their love of all things sugary that they still get the good stuff that they need. Sometimes that involves trickery, but sometimes a new product comes to the market that solves one of our problems perfectly. This past week we tried Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water and I’m so happy about this discovery. Not only do I not feel the need to water the juice down, but it actually is made with coconut water (which is awesome itself) and has naturally 30% less sugar.

No Need to Water Juice Down When You Can Water it Up with Coconut Water

My family actually loves coconut water – thanks to my hubby who introduced it to our kids at a young age – but since turing 3, Ryland won’t step foot near anything that doesn’t smell of sweet sugary goodness. It’s been a huge ordeal to get him to drink water or anything that isn’t crazy sweet. We try to limit & water down, but I was looking for something that I felt less guilty about. This is definitely that drink. From his first sip of both the White Grape Mango flavor and the Tropical Berry Grape flavor, he was hooked.

I hear people all the time talk about how they just can’t take the taste of coconut water – despite it’s amazing benefits! I know, it is certainly an acquired taste & I’m still not sold on each and every brand that makes it… I am picky! But, I know its good for me, as do you I’m sure! The new Welch’s juice will surprise you for sure. You won’t even be able to tell that there is coconut water in it at all!

I love supporting businesses that are part of the good ol’ U S of A! As a small business owner, I know the impact of shopping from our own neighbors and supporting businesses that grow our economy and our livelihoods as a whole. I love that Welch’s is a family business with farmers right here in our own country. This is a trusted brand that we have always loved, so I am excited about them reaching into this new coconut water market.

I also have to admit that between our own family & friends, we have already been through 4 of these delicious juices. There should be no doubt in your mind that this is truly a new favorite of ours! It’s great taste and refreshing goodness was a solid win for us and the fact that it has 2 servings of fruit in every 8 oz glass? Amazing.

The great taste of 100% Juice with 30% less sugar!

Be sure to pick it up at your local Walmart & let me know how you like it as well! Learn more about the juice HERE and HERE! I love hearing back about which flavor was your favorite one.

What is your best tip to getting kids to drink healthier drinks? I would love to hear them!

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