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What’s In My Disney Diaper Bag

We all know how much kids require for a day out. Now throw in the unexpectedness and the excitement of Disney and there is no telling what you will need! Since we have had our kids we have been to the Disney parks at least a dozen times, so I have had some experience on what works, what you need, why you need it, and what kind of bag will be the best choice. Looking for any of those tips? I’m excited to share them with you!

This post has been sponsored by JJ Cole, but my opinion is 100% my own.

Everyone’s needs are a little different, so take everything with a grain of salt… however, just last week we took a 2 year old and a one year old to the park for 12 hours & this is exactly what I packed for the occasion. We didn’t need and more or any less, so I think I have this Disney packing down pat 😉

The ideal diaper bag.

This is the most important step to organizing yourself for Disney World. I have realized that the BEST idea is to find a way to fit everything you need into one bag. Yes, you may have a stroller. Yes, you may have more than one adult that can carry a bag. But hear me out. There is so much back and forth from rides, times on the tram where you need to pack up and fold your stroller, and many other times, when being super organized and streamlined will save you time and stress & FREE HANDS (cause you know kids love to run away right at those crazy moments 😉 )! I have found that a backpack is exactly what works best. It leaves me hands free and able to carry my kids when we don’t have the stroller, but yet it easily hangs to the handles when we are pushing them. I love that it also won’t hurt my shoulders when walking around with it during the day. My favorite at the moment is my JJ Cole diaper bag which is adorable if I do say so myself! I love the black tri-stitch print that will match with everything I own (not to mention not show a stain!) and holds soooo much.

Drinks & snacks. TONS.

I emphasize this to everyone! Disney will allow you to bring your own food – literally as much as you want! Pack the many pockets of your backpack with granola bars, fruit snacks, waters, bottles, anything you love! We never spend money on drinks or snacks in the park, but even if you are planning on it, having a few extras never hurt! When having kid s out somewhere with long lines and hot heat, anything to cheer them up is great & if your kids are like mine – food makes their mood change instantly.

A change of clothes.

As parents, I know most of us bring a change of clothes with us everywhere no matter the occasion, but it is super important at Disney! Not only may your kid have an accident or get messy from food and such, but there are also water rides at the parks and splash pad areas. My kids cannot walk past a splash pad and not jump right on into the fun, so we always have a backup outfit while their wet one dries on the stroller. In fact, much of the time my kids come ready in their bathing suit and swim diaper and we change them into their adorable Mickey themed outfits after the water play!

Lotions and potions.

Sunscreen. It’s a must in South Florida – no denying that. Don’t forget to bring it in your bag, even if you have already put it on your kids. Trust me, you will need it again. That’s not the only lotion I recommend, however. My kids almost always get a little bit (or unfortunately a lot a bit) of diaper rash at Disney. I think it’s from all the hot running and chaffing as well as those water play excursions and even those sweet snacks. SO many factors can play into this, but I always make sure that they have diaper rash cream in my bag just in case. Also, parents… you may need some pain reliever for those headaches. No one wants to watch the fireworks with a migraine!

Your phone/camera!

This may completely go without saying, but photo opps are EVERYWHERE at Disney World, not to mention all those giant smiles and wide eyes your kiddos will be sporting all day. You are going to want to remember those times, trust me!

I hope you enjoy your trip to Disney! Don’t forget to shop for your perfect JJ Cole Diaper bag before you go!

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