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Whimsical Toddler Style We’re Swooning Over

Oh to be a kid! When dressing up like your favorite animal is something people swoon over instead of giving you funny looks! My kids love to embrace their crazy and fun side and are certainly not shy. I love watching their little personalities and the joy that they find in the mundane of life. Being a kid is such a joy & getting to mother them, even more so! I am so excited to share with you an adorable new brand we came across that has clothing I am certain you will NEED for your little closets!

Thanks so much to Doodle Pants for sending me these adorable outfits!

So here’s a few things about my kids. They love to be comfy. They love to be the center of attention (both of them). I know I have my hands full. They love to be funny and they love to be FIERCE! This is why Doodle Pants is so perfect for them. It allows them to dress in adorable themed outfits that totally match their personalities. It makes getting dressed in the morning more of an excitement and less of a chore. Plus, then they love being called “Landon Monster” or “Ryland the Shark” for the rest of the day. I’m not kidding when I say these kids love a performance! 😉

What I love most about Doodle Pants is how unapologetically adorable their clothing is. Nothing cheesy and nothing subtle – just gorgeous FUN and HAPPY pieces for your little ones. I love that as kids, you can be whoever you want to be. A mermaid, a princess, a shark, a monster! I have no doubt that my kids will be finding more of their favorites on the Doodle Pants site. I am excited for my boys to wear them this fall, since normally sweatshirts are pretty` boring, these will bring some happiness on those days where they just don’t want to wear a jacket.

Side note. Ryland never stopped chomping while wearing his shark sweatshirt – so buyers beware 🙂

Head on over to Doodle Pants and find something special for your kids! Personally, I also am crushing on the jellyfish outfit and the lion one as well! HOW CUTE! What’s your personal fav?

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