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Why Disney Holds Such A Special Place In My Heart

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“The happiest place on earth.” Without a shadow of a doubt I feel this way about Walt Disney World. From as young an age as I can remember, my summers were spent in this magical place with my parents and brother and as I grew up I continued to spend countless holidays and celebrations in my favorite place. Once I met my husband, Disney trips became our tradition and the love has only expanded as our family has! Disney holds a special place in my heart. Not just for the fun we have each time we go, but for the amazing memories I have from every single part of my life.

Since I could barely even walk, my parents have been bringing me to this incredible world & I instantly fell in love. I loved the feeling you got when you walked into the park, the time that was spent with those I loved the most, and the joy that just shined from everyone you met. I felt like I could feel Disney in my soul & I was a believer. As I got older, I never stopped making my way to WDW. From school breaks to weekend trips, my friends and I were absolute fanatics.

When I met my husband, we both had the same love for Disney. In fact, our first “date” or so you can say was there! The special times with my parents, best friends, husband, and now my kids are something that simply cannot be replicated! I have been so lucky to live so close to the parks for most of my life, but even when we cannot make our way there, I always have those fond memories in my heart & now I get to wear them on my wrist as well. With the beautiful new KEEP & Disney collection, I have a stunning bracelet adorned with fun Mickey & Minnie themed charms to give me a boost of joy every time I see it.

Not only do I love the charms, but my kids are always excited when I wear this specific bracelet as well. Their eyes light up and they squeal with happiness as my oldest son bursts into story time about what he loved most about our last trip. Disney is universal. It brings so many people together to bond over something that is innocent and fun & that is something that I will always stand behind. These gorgeous Disney charms spark up conversation with so many people I meet out & about who love to also share their stories of their last Disney trip with family.

Pure magic. I love that with a quick downward glance I can reminisce of the very first time I rode Test Track with my dad as a kid or our first wedding anniversary trip to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. These are the times that I will cherish & these are the times that I pray my kids will also discover as we bring them up getting the chance to experience the happiest place on earth.

Not only does KEEP have this incredibly beautiful collection, but they have charms that represent any and everything that is special and important to you! In addition to my Disney charms, I also picked out a few special charms that mean so much to me. Since we travel full time, I have a compass that reminds me of this time we get to travel the country as a family. There is nothing more important to me than the relationships in my life. I got a rose gold initial for Ryland, Landon, and Heath to represent all my men & a beautiful silver cross to always have my God’s love for me at the forefront. From initials, to sports, to symbols, and everything in between, you can create jewelry that perfectly encompasses your life and love!

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